ShawarmaQuest 2017

So the last time I played, the game was kind enough to pick the perfect time to suggest that Tantalum go to Egypt. Iridium needs cheering up, Tantalum needs to bond with his daughter, and Iridium wants to go travelling. Bingo bongo!

Hopefully we won’t break anything.

Iridium is still sad about the grandmother she actually never met.

Or maybe she’s sad that I kept the plumbbob in the shot when I clearly could have switched control over to Tantalum to very easily get it out of the way. I know I am.

Because that worked so well the last time, right Tantalum?

And we don’t need a new butler anyway because Ernest has level 10 in the relevant skills and nothing else to do with his life.

I mean I could conceivably check out what his LTW is, but I got bigger fish to fry.

Tantalum: I’m off to pick up a camera! Keep out of trouble.

I had a very nice shot all lined up and then the bush materialized when I went into camera mode. : /

As a child, Iridium actually can’t do much in Egypt, but she can go visit a graveyard if she so chooses. And meet some new people.

Iridium: So are you gonna go grave robbing?

Explorer: Um… when they’ve been dead long enough we call it anthropology. Makes us feel better about digging up graves. But also no. It’s dark and scary down there.

Iridium: ‘kay. I’m gonna go check it out.

She can’t break through any rubble or look for hidden doors, but she can sit in a room full of sarcophagi and sing to them.

Also did you know that the word sarcophagus comes from a word for an Ancient Greek word for limestone, which would ‘eat’ the flesh dead bodies. Sarc- ophagus.

Iridium: All the dead bodies here remind me of my grandma’s dead body. ;_;

She’s in an urn, so it’s more like ashes than a body, but you’re right. Let’s get you out of here.

He tried to comfort her but Egypt seems to not want me having good pictures in my legacy.

Tantalum: I hope at least that my picture turns out alright.

Iridium: Are we gonna go inside?

Tantalum: Oh, heavens no.

Iridium: : I

Tantalum: Now that I’m done taking a photograph, what do you want to do tonight? And also the rest of our vacation time.

Iridium: Rob graves.

Tantalum: Did I hear ‘camping’? Camping it is.


Actually mostly indistinguishable from Egypt’s base camp, but there’s fewer people here, at least.

Tantalum: … and those are the venomous snakes of Egypt. Some of which may be lurking around this campsite as we speak.

Iridium: That is the scariest story I’ve heard so far. o_o

It is the only scary story she’s heard in her life.

Tantalum: And here’s a gift.

Iridium: Wow! It almost makes me forget about my dead grandmother.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a moodlet manager.

Okay, party’s over. The paparazzi just showed up. : I

Tantalum: Seriously???

This guy isn’t paparazzi. He’s just here to camp.

Realized that Iridium can collect gemstones. That’s almost like being an adventurer.

Iridium: I want shawarma.

I’m inclined to fulfill Iridium’s travel-related wishes, since she can’t really do much right now. So off to the market.

… where Iridium can’t actually buy something.

Iridium: Just because I’m a kid! This is discrimination.

So… time to get Tantalum to buy shawarma for her.


Cracking open a cold one with the boys.

Iridium: You got me shawarma?

Tantalum: They didn’t have any. But I got a dessert pizza.

Iridium: … oh.

So we bought a book on how to make shawarma.

Iridium: It’s erally okay, dad. Butler Grandpa can make it for me when we get home.

Tantalum: I promised you shawarma and I’m getting you shawarma.

Then back to base camp to do some cooking.

… or not.

Forgot that there was no stove at base camp. And I can’t even use ‘buy on this lot’ to cheatingly put one in; no stoves appear in the catalog!

Tantalum: Not now, quest board. The only quest I care about is my quest to feed my daughter delicious shawarma.

I figure that someone’s house is the best bet for finding a stove.

Tantalum: Hello. My daughter is mourning the death of her grandmother. Can I use your stove to cook her something that will make her feel better?

Guy with a stove: Sure, but you have to be good enough friends with me or I’ll get upset at you being rude.

… she absolutely does not, dude.

Why you lie to us?

So Iridium amuses herself while her dad makes friends. And shawarma.

And the family did get mad at him for using the stove, but he didn’t get kicked out so who cares.

Iridium: This is really good, dad! *tongue attempts to burrow through lip to get to shawarma*

And then I realized why neither of them needed to eat or sleep as much as I expected.

But Iridium missed her ride on the motive mobile so she uses a tent.

It’s the last day of vacation, and the Mendeleevs spend the entire day doing this, basically. Tantalum has completed his opportunity, ShawarmaQuest has come to a happy conclusion, and we can’t go on any of the quests until Iridium is at least a teen. So we’ve got some downtime.

Until Iridium decides to eat raw food.

But we only have a crocodile and that’s too ‘strange,’ for Iridium to eat.

Iridium can check for monsters under the tent and it amuses me. Especially because this is our tent, which was just set out. So how would there be a monster hiding under there.

Iridium: Haven’t you ever seen Tremors???

One last hug for the road.

Tantalum: I’ll see you on the other side, sweetie.

Iridium: I’m not gonna be lost to the void, am I?

Tantalum: …

Iridium: Dad?

Tantalum: Just don’t think about it.

It’d be cruel to leave at a cliffhanger like that, so I can say with confidence that everyone has survived the first trip to Egypt, at least. No one’s missing!

Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Other Fluids

I’m going to actually write up a chapter without waiting like a week to do it! Yay!

So the butler, who Ernest Bentley, rather than whatever I chose to call him last chapter (probably Jeeves*) is already better than Bonehilda in that he can take care of the children as well as do the other stuff.

So now we can ignore the housework and the children!

*I’m not going to go back and check. I know how my mind works. It was Jeeves almost definitely.

Sam continues to paint nice pictures, which we steal. This one is very colorful and goes nice in Tantalum’s room.

And how is the new baby, Platinum, you ask?

Erin is already crossing the streams.

Platinum: Sudden desire… to travel?

Erin noooooooooo!!!

Since I still want to give her a chance to get decently far in her career, we’re going to piggyback one last pregnancy onto the maternity leave that never ends.

Tantalum and Erin aren’t in the mood right now, so…

To the theater!

Erin: Um… I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing in there, but I’m out here…

Whatever he did, it worked.

Ernest demonstrates his ability to navigate stairs and toddlers. The trick is to pick up the toddler before using the stairs, rather than using the stairs and expecting them to follow somehow.

I did not foresee the theater sex to result in this.

I honestly forget that the Mendeleevs are celebrities. I look in the family inventory and go ‘wow where did all these hot tubs come from?????’

The theater woohoo did let us get a Motive Mobile, though.

Which is nice because Tantalum has had like 0 sleeps in the past twenty-four hours.

Tantalum: I have taught my daughter how to use the toilet!

She was pretty much trained already. She just needed someone to put her on the bear thing one (1) more time (🕐).

Platinum became a toddler because I have the baby stage set low as heck. It looks like this will be the generation of bluish children with shocking pink hair.

We’ll see if child number three follows this pattern.

Erin: Do I get to go to work after this? : I


As the paparazzi has been spreading gossip about Tantalum woohooing in public and digging through trash or whatever, he went to go sue for slander. And decided to bring Iridium along.

Tantalum: The judge might side with me more if I’m holding a cute baby.

At least they didn’t get mad at him for woohooing a supernatural, or I’d have to be all SHE👏🏻IS👏🏻HIS👏🏻WIFE👏🏻!!!

The baby defense worked!

To recap, things to remember in court: wear blue, don’t volunteer information, hold a baby at all times.

Meanwhile, Erin is learning social networking. Hopefully this means that the desire to blog is permeating out from this baby. Or the desire to blog will transfer from Erin into the baby. Either way, this can only be a good thing.

Tantalum got the ‘pocket lint of the rich and famous’ title when he went to write a new article, so we had to improvise. : P

And speaking of marriage, I decided to go ahead and have Lutetium marry Ernest. She’s known him for, like, a day, and I’ve heard that long engagements increase temptation. Or something. We can’t risk waiting any longer.

Mostly, though, I want to officially move Ernest in so we’ll have seven people in the household, because I have a strict chart saying how many children should be in each generation in order for the legacy to end at the same time as my list of names.

… I liked him better as a butler.

But oh well.

Also, butlers are called butlers because they were in charge of the bottles. Like the wine. And there was a position called ‘pantler’ that was the master of the pantry.

Pantler. Butler. Heh.

I had to click ‘get married’ a lot to get them to finally go out to the wedding arch. I was almost worried that being a butler would make it impossible for Ernest to get married or something. But here we are.

Osmium: *sob* Our mother’s getting married! It’s. So. Beautiful.

Tungsten: Yeah, okay.

… Chloe, you better not starve during this wedding and ruin it.

Was called away from the wedding to be told that Iridium was growing up.

She can wait a bit, so I just told Platinum to stop destroying the furniture and went back to take more photos of the wedding.

But it was already over, and Ernest had decided to get into the hot tub. : /

Oh well.

… are you shitting me, Chloe?

Osmium: Oh. What a shame.

Fiona: MOM???? *sob*

Erin: What’s going on? I heard yelling.

Iridium: Grandma died, but maybe if I close my eyes I won’t be scarred by this tragedy.


… Erin, liquid is supposed to come from your eyes when you’re sad. Your eyes.

Erin: I hope no one saw that…

I think it’s safe to say they were distracted.

Lutetium: Really, Chloe? This was supposed to be my day and you have to steal the spotlight?

Ernest: You really should apologize.

Chloe: For dying????

Lutetium: And you’re wearing the same hairstyle as me too? Will the indignities never end?

Would Erin like to go on a date???? What do you think, John?????

What. Do. You. Think.

Tantalum: No one noticed that I had my birthday and still have good hair unlike Hafnium. : (

Osmium: Boo, Erin! This is my mom’s wedding! It’s not about you!!

Fiona: … do any of you even understand that our mother fucking died????

Someone????: I want to eat the corpse.

Chloe was actually part of the family, sort of, so she gets to be inside.

Platinum: *blissfully unaware*

So now that… that… has been taken care of, time to focus on Iridium, who became a child just in time to learn the harsh realities of life.

Also she has just the slightest case of bimple pox. It’s not the worst case I’ve seen.

In the process of getting Iridium set up for pictures, which included feeding her hungry little tummy, I discovered that the wedding hadn’t actually worked. Because Lutetium couldn’t cut the cake. So round two.

They’re married now. Finally.

Ignore the UI stuff. Iridium’s room got a makeover. : P

Side two. Boat bed!

Iridium got too hungry and turned into a werewolf. Which apparently changes her eye color.

But we’ll get some human pictures of her later.

The guests feel good about the wedding.

The ones who survived, at least.

Tried to get a nice picture of Iridium, but she was busy

  1. crying over the death of her grandmother
  2. groaning about breaking the toilet
  3. getting excited about using the big potty for the first time

Tantalum: So… I just got an opportunity to go to Egypt and take a picture of the Sphinx. I thought I should take it? I can take Iridium along. I’d love to have a chance to spend more time with her, and she really seems interested in travelling. Might have something to do with filling her nursery with travel-related decorations when she was a baby.

Erin: Tantalum, you don’t even know how to work a camera. We don’t even have a camera. Should you really be dropping everything just to go to Egypt?

Tantalum: Well, they never said it had to be a good photo, and I can get a camera there. Mostly I want to help Iri get over… last night. And spend time with her. She’s best friends with my dad and he doesn’t even go here.

Erin: If you want to go, I can’t stop you. Just take some precautions so if you come back to an empty house you can time travel back to a time when we all still existed.

Tantalum: Well that’s just common sense.

Tantalum: And you’ll be okay here?

Erin: We’ll be fine. Ernest is here so it shouldn’t be hard to keep on top of the housework and taking care of Platinum especially because you don’t help out with that stuff anyway.

Tantalum: I mean… last night.

Erin: Oh. Yeah. I barely had a relationship with my mom anyway.

Tantalum: That’s precisely what I’m trying to avoid with Iridium.

Prison for the Dead

I took way too long between playing and writing again so… except a lot of ‘who the heckie is this’ and ‘why the fudge did i do that.’

I’m not happy with Iridium’s room, honestly, but there are only so many ‘travel’ themed items that look like they could belong in a nursery.

Tantalum: Uh… do you want to let me feed the baby so you can get… uncrispy?

Erin: Noooo.

Since Erin wants to take care of the baby or whatever, I have Tantalum write articles. The game-generated topics are great.

Love sitting down with the morning paper and reading a 76 page article.

How the heckie.

We tried to have a… whatever the opposite of a baby shower is, since a baby shower happens before the baby is born.

That wasn’t an option so we went with a bonfire party.

Iridium is used to her mother being crispy. The smell of burning sooths her.

I see no problem with bringing a newborn that close to an open flame.

Tantalum: *gropes ass*

Erin: At least wait for the guests to leave. : I

Sure why not. : I

They have the same last name but they’re not related, so whatever.

Then Sam just yells at Ytterbium.

Who would have thought Sam Sekemoto would grow up so angry.

Osmium: Um… Rhenium? If you’re staying after the party at least help pick up the trash.

Rhenium: Yeah, I’ll help out once I warm up a little.

Osmium: … you know there’s no fire there, right?

Lutetium: Aw, gross. A ghost.

Not sure why I’m keeping them here. They’re not related.


Tantalum: Wanna try and overlap your maternity leaves so you have more time to work towards your career goals? 😉

Erin: I like the way you think.

So they did that.

Since Sam does nothing but yell at people, apparently, his new job is finding seeds for Lutetium to plant.

While Lutetium follows family tradition.

Bonehilda: It’s four AM.

Lutetium: I don’t tell you *hic* how to live your life.

Bonehilda: I’m not alive.

Now that Lutetium completed her LTW and she’s getting older, we’re phasing out the garden. So as plants are dying we’re not replacing them. : P

I’m assuming this was why I took this picture?

What is it with this game and every birthday falling on a full moon.


Iridium: SLEEPY.

Tantalum: You’re in the crib. Go to bed.


The next morning we took the beast to Sam’s.

He can deal with the property damage and toddler skilling for a bit.


Sam: : /

It made him want to be a werewolf though.

And with Iridium out of the house Tantalum could work on his articles.

I can’t make this stuff up but someone did and I love them.

Also? Someone sent us a hot tub?

Erin is indeed pregnant, to take advantage of overlapping maternity leave.

Tantalum: I hope this one doesn’t destroy all our furniture.

It’s okay, Tantalum.

Iridium’s too busy destroying Sam’s furniture right now.

Time for skills.

Sam: Can you say ‘dump?’ As in, you scratched up all the furniture and now this place looks like a dump?

Iridium: It was a dump when I got here. : I

Then the game glitched so I had to send Iridium home.

Although I did take advantage of the glitch to get the talking skill done. >_> <_<

Now for walking.

Lutetium: Oh, did Sam bring Iridium back?

Erin: No, I was cooking and suddenly she was sitting on the kitchen floor. o_o

Iridium’s face is INTENSE.

Iridium also got an Imaginary Friend. Not sure if I want to do anything with it or not.

IF: please save me.

I’m sorry but these are gold.

Then around this time I decided to get a butler. Bonehilda’s great, but she can’t do things like laundry. Or take care of small children. Butlers can do that stuff.

Butlers can also hit on you.

And you can hit on butlers back.

Tantalum: ._. I’m leaving now.

Erin’s up.

Because it’s baby time!

Lutetium ignores the impending grandchild in favor of her new eye candy butler.

Tantalum: I don’t see anything. Nothing to see but my wife about to have our child. Certainly nothing in the kitchen happening right now.

Nope, nothing.

It’s a boy.

His name is Platinum.

I don’t remember what traits I gave him but it’s probably things like. Friendly. For making friends easier.

Lutetium and her butler friend, whom I’m called Jeeves right now since I forget his name, haven’t stopped macking on one another.

Three guesses what track Platinum is on for the generation.

Who is that with Merida in the painting. Who.

I honestly just wanted to see whether this would work mere hours after meeting.

He said yes.


We’ll see where this leads us.

Wolf Mother

*is back*

*is writing chapter of Mendeleev DITPT*


Tungsten’s all grown up now. Here he is because I didn’t take a picture when he interrupted the wedding.

I realize now that I could have made him stop playing computer so I could get a better angle but. Whatever. Can’t change the past.*

*I actually can change the past since I cycle through saves and probably haven’t overwritten the file from this point in time yet. But that’s too much work.

Erin opts to have cake from the snack bar for breakfast.

Because we don’t have an excess of cake stored away in the fridge.


Not at all.

That’s sarcasm.

Update on LTW.

We got some wedding presents!

Chloe: I hope you find these swords useful.

That’s… ominous.

Lutetium bought a plastic flamingo for the new couple.


See? We have so much cake!

And also a portal connecting the fridge in the main house to the one in the guest house, apparently.

Tantalum: Want to get practice for the next generation? 😉

Osmium: I’m so excited to be an aunt. 🙂

Tantalum: … Get out of my bedroom.

I caught someone making a drink and.

This sounds horrifying??

Lined all of the unique perfect plants in the garden up together to see where we stood. There are eight, so it’s all just a waiting game now in regards to the perfect plants.

Bonehilda: Um. I’m working. I swear.

Erin: It’s fine. I just sleep in the other half of the bed.

Then the game was like NOPE. Relationship not high enough.

Erin: I changed my mind. Get the fuck out.

Ended up having to send her back to her little house for a bit.

Why did I take this picture.

Osmium: Thanks for cooking dinner for us.

Tantalum: I probably had some hilarious comment that I was supposed to make in reply but someone waits weeks and weeks in between playing and writing.

I’m in grad school! : /

Lutetium: You know, your husband made delicious veggie dogs for all of us for dinner.

Erin: I. Um. Wanted meat.

Lutetium: … that is a brownie.

Apparently Tantalum is busy reading up on his wife’s condition. Or something tangentially related, in any case.

Erin needs logic skill for her LTW and I figured we’d gone long enough without having the chemistry table in the household. If the Mendeleev family went any longer without the chemistry set I’d be breaking some kind of law or something.

When Tantalum got back from work, we had a family outing to the pool. I think. Maybe. He’s not in any of these pictures.

But hey, a better shot of Tungsten!

Rhenium: There are too many people here. : I

Lutetium: Everyone cleared out when the legacy family came in. It’s… it’s literally just the people in our house here now.

Rhenium: It’s too crowded. : I

She is beauty, she is grace.

Sam got invited out on a date with Nuala, one of the paparazzi cult members. But she died shortly afterwards so I couldn’t follow through with any sort of plot.

We got a bowling alley because Lutetium wanted to bowl, and the only public bowling places I know of are at the university.

Funnily enough, I have yet to see any university with its own bowling alley. I wonder what fancy bowling school the people at EA went to. The closest I’ve seen was my high school; we had a makeshift bowling alley for gym class with foam padding things to delineate the lanes. The pin-setters and ball retrieval units were students who stood behind the pins and hoped the balls wouldn’t crush their toes.


Nuala: *dies*

I’ve probably mentioned this a dozen times but sims eat with their pie slices facing the wrong way and there should be a mod to fix it or something.

Just taking a moment to show off Tantalum’s newsprint boxers.

There’s not really much you can do with for outfits with a ‘journalism’ theme but I tried.

I compared the list of available plants and the list of what Lutetium had planted, and found that we were missing some pretty basic plants that had come with the Supernatural EP. Also grapes for some reason. So Tungsten went out shopping to fix this.

How did I miss grapes.

One of the generation goals is to write ten books or articles, so we’re working on that while Tantalum’s paid time off (since he got married and all) runs out.

One of Erin’s sisters asked Sam out on a date. They tried to go to the movies.

It was Sam’s birthday before he could get to the theater, though. And then she left.

It was also Rhenium and Osmium’s birthday.

Rhenium: Could you wait until after I’m out of the bathroom.

I was tired or pressed for time at this point so I kind of just kicked them and Tungsten out unceremoniously. Bye, kids. See you for birthdays and whatever.

Lutetium reaches her LTW. But also doesn’t reach it because the game’s not acknowledging it. The game eventually figures it out, but I didn’t see when exactly it happened.

Tantalum: Now that there’s more room, wanna have a baby?

Erin: We should be supportive of your mom first.

Happy birthday Lutetium!

Then they ignored her to work on refilling the house.

Frederick: Kinky~!

Lutetium maybe you should put on some clothes???

Lutetium: I will not cover up! Body positivity!

You are in your underwear on the porch!!

But she puts on clothes to tend to the garden.

Rocking fishnets.

I don’t understand the morals this game is trying to push.

EA: If you have sex outside of marriage or even have sex within marriage with someone who is different from you, you are a fundamentally bad person and everyone will hate you.

Also EA: Drugs will literally give you superpowers and possibly make you immune to fire. Do all of them.

Erin: …well that explains why I didn’t turn into a furry even though it’s the full moon.

Generation three is on its way.

Realized I hadn’t seen Bonehilda in a while.

Turns out she’s been trapped in an endless loop of kicking over and picking up that flamingo that Lutetium sent…

I’m not sure how accurate the word ‘sent’ is in that sentence, given that she lives in the same house…

Lutetium: I’ll put a flamingo in a box

This seems perfectly fine. Dangerous chemicals, no labcoat or safety goggles. No gloves to prevent contact with skin. Delicate fetus gestating within. Safety.

Erin: Everyone knows that if you’re pregnant you become invincible.

I realize that I can have Tantalum interview people so he can write articles on them and be an actual reporter. There’s a reason that I decided to do a DITFT and that’s because after years and years and years of playing this game I still have no idea what I’m doing in most cases.

Oh. Um. Oops. That’s… most definitely my fault.

Meanwhile, Erin is…

Okay I found a lot in my library that had the trees from the WA countries, and figured it would be okay to put it down, and then it also had like every other harvestable and you know some worlds have places where you can just go over to the graveyard and pick death flowers and others don’t have those kinds of readily-available special plants lying around and I’d like to say I don’t think that this is cheating but the lengthy justification I’ve dedicated to this just now would be working against me on that front.

But I’m going to at least try to have Lutetium find and plant the stuff on her own. Keep the glowy life fruits and such stashed away unless Lu’s life bar fills up without having found any in the ‘wild’.

So caught up was I in my moral dilemma that I missed Tantalum and Erin going home. And Erin being exploded by the chemistry station.

But I didn’t miss the baby coming!

Element 77, Iridium, is born! It’s a girl. *tears out hair* I tried so hard last generation…

But anyway, she’s like a lilac color, which I guess comes from mixing Erin’s pink skin tone with wherever on the slider Tantalum’s skin is. Three guesses as to which Gen 3 route she’ll be going for, and there are only three routes I can do without Island Paradise anyway.

An Unconventional Wedding

First things first. Tantalum needs to marry a coworker, and he’s already engaged. So the obvious solution is to make his fiancee into his coworker.

Erin: Hey, boss? I have to quit work. Yeah, I know I haven’t even come in one day. I have to give up on saving lives so I can help my boyfriend fulfill some legacy thing.

Osmium: That is the least girl power thing I’ve heard in my life.

Hafnium is still here, apparently forgetting that he doesn’t live in this house anymore.

Despite the fact that he never actually lived in this house; he lived in a completely different house that happened to be in the same place.

The thing in common is giving up on dreams to benefit the dreams of their spouse.

So Erin got a job in journalism. Downside, it’s not her dream job. Upside…

Her boss is her mom.

Erin: Hey, Mom! How’s vegetarianism despite being a vampire going for you?

Chloe: Great. Nice to catch up with you, honey. Gotta go.

Erin: I… wha– I’m not done yet!

Erin apparently can just walk right into her old house.

Erin: I still have my key.

Apparently the big reason that Chloe had to go home was that Riordan Mithrilen, Rosalinda’s brother, was coming over. Or something.

Morrigan: If I can’t marry into a legacy family, I can at least marry into a family that almost married into that same legacy family.

Speaking of the Mithrilen’s, Rosalinda’s apparently aiming to collect the whole set.

Erin: Mom, hey. I still needed to talk to you about work. I think it’ll be great, working with my mom on… news… and things.

Erin: Also, can I have a raise?

Chloe: Sorry, honey. You’re going to have to work your butt off for a promotion, just like anyone else. I’m not into nepotism.

Erin: …You hired me without even asking for a resume.

Chloe: This is the Sims, Erin. You’re looking to become a brain surgeon with a physical education degree.

Erin: … true.

So Erin switched tactics.

Tantalum: … what are you doing? It’s the middle of the night.

Erin: I’m writing ‘Erin the World’s Greatest Journalist.’ It’s going to be a hit. What have you done with your life lately?

Also we’ll finally be free of Ellen soon.

Lutetium: About time. If she wakes me up with one more 7 AM rant, I swear I’m gonna–

Ask and you shall receive.

Like eight hours after the last picture but still.

Lutetium: Holy shit, am I a murderer now?

Death: Tʜɪs ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ʙɪɢ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴛɪʟʟ ɴᴏ ᴘᴏᴏʟ? Hᴏᴡ ᴅɪsᴀᴘᴘᴏɪɴᴛɪɴɢ.

Rest in peace, Ellen Curren. Please don’t come out and do college cheers all night. Just sit there and fertilize our garden.

But who cares about Erin when Osmium’s prom queen?

And  Rhenium is prom king!

And Erin’s a werewolf!

It was a gift from her new friend Rosalind. Whose name I remembered was Rosalind because I thought to myself ‘oh, this one is actually Rosalind and not Rosalinda’ when I saw her.

Don’t know how I forgot it last chapter because I even had a handy memory tool but whoops.

We got Bonehilda back because the place was becoming a mess. She immediately got herself shocked on something, and was so startled that she spontaneously grew flesh and hair.

Erin: Oh! My future husband! *wiggles butt*

Tantalum: Hey babe. I don’t know why I have a broken heart speech bubble right now, because seeing you has healed my soul. You look gorgeous and I can’t wait to marry you.

Tantalum: … have I mentioned how beautiful your eyes are? They’re practically glowing!

Sam: So, what do you think of these guns? 😉

Tungsten: … dad, you’ve never exercised a day in your life.

Lutetium: He’s not wrong.

Sam was apparently very upset that no one liked his mscles.

Because he waited until after school was out and randomly took it out on Tungsten?

Last time things had escalated Lutetium was halfway across town, but this time…


Sam: I… um… he’s disrespectful…

Lutetium: I don’t care! You’re the adult and you do not. touch. MY CHILD.

Sam: :I

Lutetium: You can stay for your son’s wedding and then you’re leaving. Behave and maybe you can at least stay in the extra house.

Lutetium: … sorry you had to see that, kids.

Osmium: … I’m not finishing this book report before the wedding, am I?

So… Lutetium divorced Sam on the day of her kid’s wedding. But that’s okay, right? It’s like the circle of life but with marriages or something. That alone shouldn’t mess up the wedding too bad.

But I’m also very bad at scheduling things.


Tantalum: Woo! You go, girl! I didn’t know you were a werewolf but I will love and support you!

Chloe: Yes. This man accepts my furry child. I approve.

Tantalum: So, um… I love you, Erin. And nothing will change that. But I think next time you should tell me? Not saying it’s a bad thing, but it would have been nice to know so that we could schedule the wedding on… not the full moon.

To be fair, we should have avoided the full moon regardless because half of our guests are zombies now.

Tantalum: Now if you excuse me I have to wet myself because watching my bride grow fur and claws is terrifying.

FAI– oh wait.

It’s Rosalind!

Guests started gathering at the arch, probably eager to get the wedding started. I was also eager.

And then Tungsten ruined it.

Tungsten: Woo! It’s my birthday.

Morrigan: Ugh! I came here to watch my sister get hitched! Not for some teen’s birthday that I never met.

Tungsten: And to think, if I’d aged up one day earlier, I’d probably be moved out right now and my parents’ marriage wouldn’t be in shambles.

Oh I don’t blame you bb. 😦 Your dad was being a dickhole.

… but I’m also not interested in sticking around for your birthday because we really need to get this wedding going before all the guests go home.

Tantalum: Erin… I love you, but I kind of gave a big speech about love and acceptance already tonight and I kind of want to hurry this along so we don’t get eaten by zombies?

So they got right to the rings.

She’s covered in fur, he’s covered in pee, and half of the guests are undead.

What a beautiful start to the rest of their lives.

Mendeleev Family Bonding

I played (and am now) writing this chapter while stealing electricity from Barnes & Noble. God bless you Barnes & Noble. Home away from home. A perfect combination of available (comfy) seating, unguarded outlets, free wifi, bathrooms, and not getting ticked off at me for bringing in outside food and drink.

The first thing I did was tweak the downstairs living area a bit. Changed the dining area and added a chessboard so people could get their logic on.

Also did a little more than just tweaking Erin. I needed to fix her hair and clothes since she’d aged up, but I decided to change the pink of her hair while I was at it. I felt like the pink color would be more interesting if it contrasted with her skintone.

She looks like a berry sim that would be named Pink Lemonade or something like that. But she’s just good ol’ Erin. Good ol’ hasn’t invited Tantalum’s younger siblings out on any dates Erin.

Tungsten: … this house is pretty bland. There’s barely any art for me to critique. : (

Rhenium: Maybe if dad got on with his painting…

Sam: At least let me shower first. : /

The household waking up is a pretty good indicator of the sky waking up, so I will now present to you the Generation Two house. Yes, it is a box, but it’s a box done in black and white with big square windows. It’s not lazy; it’s minimalist.

Also took this time to remember to have Erin and Tantalum take some photo booth photos. No repeated poses first try and almost no duplicate poses between Tantalum’s and Lutetium’s.

This is what #blessed looks like.

Turns out that Erin went to college in the handful of days between aging up and getting moved into the household. She got a physical education degree!

She wants to be a doctor.

And the school cheer was coming from inside the house.

She doesn’t do it constantly, at least.

Tantalum tries to say ‘I love you’ with his face but only succeeds in saying ‘I’m trying to power through this massive wedgie.’

Tantalum: So… Erin. I’ve been meaning to ask you… would you wanna play hopscotch sometime?

Erin: Is this some weird woohoo euphemism?

Tantalum: … no I just really have this wish to play hopscotch with you.

Erin: Have you even seen a hopscotch… board… field… jeez I don’t know what the word for it is. But have you ever seen one?

Tantalum: I don’t think so? But while we’re out here, I have another question to ask you.

Tantalum: Erin O’Reilly, you’ve basically signed away your life for the benefit of my family’s name. Will you make it official and make it our family’s name?

She said yes.

I realized after playing this but before writing this that one of the generational goals is to date or marry a coworker… the rules don’t say that she has to be his coworker before moving into the household, so I’m going to assume it’s all good if I just send her off to get a job in journalism.

Tungsten is doing something other than critiquing art!

Tungsten: Dad said that if I criticized his painting one more time I was grounded. : I


Osmium: You know, I’m not going to be living here forever, Tantalum. You have to start making your own bed. Like, you know, an actual adult.

Tantalum: I am an actual adult. I’m working on adult skills for my adult career and I’m engaged now like a mature adult.

Osmium: Yeah, well, your mature adult fiancee is crying because she can’t use the sprinkler.

Erin: False alarm! I figured it out!

Ellen Curren is still alive and chanting about some university prophecy plotline I’m probably not going to follow. But she did remind me to lock the gate to the new/old garden.

Also, Sam has actually been working on making art for the house. All on his own, since I’ve mostly been ignoring him. Oops.

Lutetium bonds with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Erin: I really admire Mrs. Mendeleev! It’s why I got my hair cut exactly like hers!

… oops.

It’s a good CC.

It’s Tantalum’s first day of school! He looks worried.

Tantalum: Of course I am! I’m starting out at the bottom of the heap! Why couldn’t I have gone to college and gotten a leg up on the competition?

Because the next generation might involve a bunch of travel and I’m not going to tempt the Glitch Gods any more than necessary.

Lutetium: … why is Ellen still here?

No no no no no. No face one mail people for you.

Especially not with weird glitching on their faces. We’re not inviting the Glitch Gods into the household. Dude needs to moisturize or something.

Lutetium: Wow we should have gotten a television ages ago. I’ve missed like eighteen years of programming!

While Tantalum was at work, I sent out Erin to get a job as a doctor, because that’s what her LTW says she wants to do and I hadn’t seen the ‘marry a coworker’ thing at that point.

Why not make some friends while we’re at it?

Erin: Yeahhh, so I’m engaged.

Werewolf whose name I forgot: Oh, good for you! *reaches for shoulder*

Erin: Ooh, nice nails.

Ytterbium: Wow, is this where the family is now? Werewolves and berry sims? I’m glad I’m no longer a part of this. Less glad that my hair has succumbed to gravity. But you can’t win them all.

Ytterbium: But why are we focusing on legacy families when the end is nigh! The time is coming, people! Stars falling from the skies, water turning to blood!

And Peony arrived to piss me off.

Peony: If you think you’re pissed off now, wait until you realize where the werewolf’s hand was when you took this picture!

Erin: Hey, Tantalum. How was your day? I was out making friends and getting a job that I’m going to have to give up to fulfill your dreams. 😀 Not bitter! When’d we get this cat picture?

Tantalum: Um… My day was good… I think we got the cat painting yesterday… I scheduled a bachelor party for tonight so if you could–

Erin: Perfect. I’ve been wishing for a bachelorette party myself.

Tantalum: Um.

So let the bachelor party begin!

Tantalum: I don’t know what’s the most embarrassing part of this: the fact that they’re both in basically the same outfit or the fact that my brother’s only wearing swim trunks.

Tantalum: I was wrong. The most embarrassing part of this is that my dad’s here.

Sam: I love you too, son. :/

We also invited Erin’s family.

Conor: Look! It’s my daughter! Engaged to a legacy sim!

Lutetium: Ugh, did you just disembowel a man right in the doorway? And I just cleaned there!

Fiona: Let’s braid each other’s hair or something, sister!

Erin: Ugh, where’s my future husband.

Still trying to convince Sam that a television isn’t going to make his grandchildren grow up to be spoiled brats.

… I don’t think the enormous swanky house is helping his case.

I think Tantalum is coming around to having his fiancee at his bachelor party, even if it’s not exactly the done thing.

Sam: … oh, Tantalum was right about your outfits. Awkward.

Twin Guy 1: Sam Mendeleev! I look up to you so much! After ages of being ignored, you’re a legacy spouse! Do you think that the same could happen to me?

Sam: Well, seeing as your name didn’t even make it into this chapter… probably not.

Rosalinda’s brother also came. To report back to his sister what she lost when she decided to be a cheating cheater.

Party Dancer: Ooh, do you think have a chance to be a legacy spouse?

Not with that green-y poop hair, you don’t.

Ivana: Ooh, maybe will have a chance with Tantalum after he reports on my abduction by tiny aliens!

… oh shoot I put that leaf painting riiiight by the door. *hiss*

Tantalum asked his mom to do the toast since he doesn’t really have friends.

Lutetium: Okay, everyone! Gather ’round so I can tell you all about my baby boy!

Tantalum: *regret*

Lutetium: My Tantalum has a very big heart. I can verify that this is literally true.

Erin: That is a serious medical condition.

Lutetium: Who cares about medical conditions when you can have alcohol!

Erin: But… oh, we actually did take some rather nice pictures, didn’t we?

Oh, I thought this legacy felt… empty. It’s just not a Mendeleev legacy without conspicuous overconsumption of alcohol.

Tungsten: This is… not as exciting as I thought it would be. But I guess I can make the guys at school jealous when I tell them I danced with scantily-clad women.

Ivana: That’s the spirit!

Ivana: Shit, this is a nice house.

Not-Ivana: Ooh, you’re little brother is cute!

Tungsten: … okay, time to go.

Not-Ivana: I mean… booo! Rhenium dances weird and is ugly!

Tungsten: Too late. Out.

Oh, I almost thought that Hafnium had missed the party!

True Mendeleev family bonding.

Our House Now

Welcome back to the Mendeleev Legacy.

We have a dragon.

Bubles: HOI.

Our heir has become a young adult, so we’re going to be starting a new generation! I’ll still be working with Lutetium to fulfill all of the gardening stuff, since I figure we have until she dies to complete all that?

Mostly she just has to r– shoot. I can have someone else collect seeds and have her plant them. That would save so much time…

Anyway! We’ll be in the Journalism generation now!

… not the science generation. : /

But I think we all want to see our heir~

Tantalum’s final trait is savvy sculptor because he apparently didn’t do well enough in school to let me pick his trait. I was a little annoyed that I forgot to save the first time because I’d put a lot of work into Tantalum’s clothes… spiceberry is a difficult color to work with… but I think he looks much better this time around.

I don’t have pictures from the first makeover I gave him so you’ll have to take my word on this.

I immediately sent him to get a job in journalism so I wouldn’t perpetually forget, like with Lutetium and the gardening career.

I’m pretty sure she’s still unemployed.

I also moved Hafnium out because I wanted to rebuild the house for the new generation and didn’t feel like making a place for him if he wasn’t going to be staying long anyway. He’ll get invited to parties and things. : P

Then I went back to finding seeds for Lu to pick up.

Tungsten: Mwah! What a gorgeous potted plant! Such artistry! Such… leafiness!

You know you’d probably get to be in more pictures if this wasn’t all you did, Tungsten.

… I should make him the seed-collector from now on.

Checked in on Lu, then came back to find everyone crowded in one room.

Tungsten: I’ve told you a million times! Anime is NOT art!

Sam and Tungsten still hate each other for some reason. And I’m still not sure how it happened?

Rhenium was the only one not hanging upstairs. He was downstairs, finally getting the hang of how to use the front door. Bubbles helped.

Bubbles: See? It doesn’t lead to your bedroom!

Rhenium: Fancy that.

He finally figures out the front doors a few hours before I’m going to bulldoze them. Graduation didn’t happen so I ended up sending everyone out of the house manually.

… then realized that I couldn’t demolish the house with Bonehilda, Bubbles and the pile of dirty laundry around. So I have to send someone back to the house to fix that real quick.

After the Rosalinda debacle, I sent Tantalum out to snag Erin right away.

Erin: You missed graduation.

Tantalum: Yeah, I literally didn’t get the memo.


I think I have a mod or something that makes them eat at the same table? But I’m happy whenever they do it. Yay.

Lutetium: Okay, Bubbles. Let’s get you off the empty expanse of wood that was once our home. *freezes*

Off to a great start.

Since there’s supposed to be this big plot thing about a rift between the founding generation and the one coming after, I went for a big contrast between the first house and this one. Bigger house, more tech, less earthy colors.

No way in hell am I making this whole house spiceberry.

Osmium: Is that… estrogen I sense?

Yeah, there’s another girl in the house now. Be nice.

I’d taken a break to make sure Erin was moved in alright.

Now back to work.

Oh, and… R I P whichever Mendeleev that was.

Erin found the room that she’ll be staying in until one of her kids takes over and she becomes irrelevant.

I remembered to keep the shark! Let’s see how long this lasts.

Frederick: I’m so lonely. ;_;

Now for some actual pictures of the house interior.

Finally have a place to put that super fancy television people keep sending us! This is a kind of living room area? The floorplan I was looking at was kind of open so we’ve just kind of have a blob of living on the first floor.

Dining area and kitchen.

First floor hallway. I’m going to have to make Sam paint a whole bunch so that this place stops looking so sparse. And Tantalum’s going to have to take a picture with Erin.

The… not technically called a Torch-Holder anymore but still kind of a Torch-Holder’s room. Also sparse-ish, but I was mainly focused on making the communal living areas nice.

Tantalum’s room has a computer on which he can work on reporting things. I should probably put some newspaper clutter around here when I open up the game next.

Lutetium’s room, with lots of plants as an homage to her generation. We still have the garden outside, though! Lutetium still needs to get all those seeds and have the eight perfect plants and all that.

Here’s one of the nice bathrooms. We have a ton of bathrooms and most of them are teensy-weensy.

Very nice upstairs hall thing with a plant to keep it from being empty.

And our upstairs living area has a place to sit and a bunch of skilling things. Because I’m used to having legacy households full of like every skill object I could cram in there.

Next time I’ll try to remember to have a picture of the outside of the house, but it was the middle of the night (in game) when I was building so it wouldn’t have looked all that great. : P