Like a Lead Balloon

*insert chapter opening here*

Let’s go!

Lead: Oh jeez I can’t believe I’m meeting a supernatural thing already. Hold oh, lemme get my…

Lead: Well, shoot.

Looks like we won’t be snapping a pic of a ghost just yet.

Although given her current skill level it would most likely be a picture of her thumb.

And then she went all the way around the house to eat the mummy snack from off of the ground in front of her grandfather’s grave.


Mercury: Dad? Why are you standing around outside of school? And why do I feel like I suddenly like you more?

Gold has had a busy day blogging, doing celebrity stuff, and putting in the literal bare minimum effort to befriend his daughters. With an app.

And level ten has been reached!

Now we can bump up those family relations to BEST friends. Now I don’t have to feel bad about all my sims being indifferent towards one another. : P

Mercury picks the best place to do homework.

Thallium: I’ve barely been in this chapter what the heck. You got to talk to a creepy ghost or whatever and I’ve been pushed to the sidelines.


Thallium: Are you even listening to me?

Lead: No.

I guess I forgot to have Gold make the girls be friends with each other as well. Oops.

You can tell that time passed because Lead’s in her pj’s, but that’s about it. 😛

Lead: … you know we have leftovers in the fridge, right? You don’t have to stick your bare hands in the oven to make waffles.

Thallium: hot hot hot! 8I

Thallium: … wanna talk about art?

Lead: Please just talk about something else anything else but art.

It’s about the only thing Thallium mentions ever.

Goddamn Carole Lewis.

We’ll just put that into the enormous pile with all the rest of our money.

Elizabeth Capp was hitting on two of the triplets when they all went on a field trip to the theater. I guess we see who gets her first?

She’s kind of cute. Face clearly not generic.

Lead wanted to call her, so she is in the lead… heh, lead, Lead… for this race!

Lead: Hey, Lizzie! Wanna go and punch zombies?

Elizabeth: For the last time, the Elizabeth in that movie wasn’t me!

Mercury’s just doing her homework like a loser.

Gold’s blog has reached five stars!

He wanted to sell a blog so we’ve sold it and started a review blog. Because everyone needs to know Gold’s opinions on things.

Let’s see how long we can go before the blog changes names for some reason.

Gold waits until I’ve got everyone set up and working on their skills before he interrupts it with his birthday. : P

I changed his hair up but don’t have a picture because they went off on an adults-only vacation almost immediately afterward. Gold just completed all his generation goals, he deserves it.


Lead: The adults are gone, I’m learning photography, and Lizzie’s sure to agree to be my date to the prom. Nothing could spoil this.

Unless Lizzie were to invite Mercury out on a date! DUN DUN DUN!

I don’t consider ‘in front of the hospital at 1 AM’ to be a romantic destination but I guess I’m just not good at romance.

I completely forgot that the curfew police would come, as I’m assuming Elizabeth likewise forgot, so the date didn’t go that long.

Mercury: HA! My parents aren’t home! SUCK IT COPPER!

Mercury’s improved enough in sculpting to use wood now.

Mercury: I’ll sculpt something to commemorate my date with Lizzie~

Or a wooden toilet.

Mercury: So… wanna talk about art?

Lead: Please can we talk about anything else in this household?

Mercury: I went on a date with Lizzie.

Lead: … let’s talk about art.

… deep.

Lead may not be getting Lizzie for prom… or will she?… but she did get a picture of a zombie! But in the spirit of cryptophotography, it was really a shitty quality picture and you can’t tell what the heck it’s supposed to be.

Next time… the adults come back? Prom? Conversations about things that aren’t painting? Probably not the last one!


Breaking the Game in a Good Way

I spent an hour making a playlist and I now declare it the official playlist of this legacy.

It is eight and a half hours long and as of writing this I have no idea what most of the songs on it sound like.

It could have been longer but I was purposely avoiding the songs that were like eight minutes long. : P

Ernest why are you smiling. I’m still mad at you.

It should have been you.

After Tantalum’s untimely death, I started pushing Gold toward getting to level 10 of Social Networking as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any prolonged skill-building activities and you can apparently only take skill classes once? So I was just continuously adding ‘stream video’ to his action queue.

Jack: So… haven’t seen you kids around much. Busy painting?

I’ve metaphorically chained the girls to their easels, too.

Mercury: Are you cop–

Lead: It’s not funny anymore.

Has it ever been?

Gold keeps tearing through his skilling queue and then running off to do his own thing. Like acknowledge the existence of his children. What a jerkwad.

Gold: So while I was standing around and browsing the web on my phone for hours I found these ‘smart outlets’ and I thought it would interest you because you like the planet or something.

Lead: Can I shower please?

Mercury: Can’t you see I’m discussing power-saving options with Dad? Anyway–

So Lead went to the other bathroom and took a bath, which uses up more water than the shower.

Mercury kind of fucked that one up.

I forgot who the person who was supposed to be our BFF was, so we just fond another one. Gerald something.

Gold: My dad just died.

Maybe that’s not the best topic to start with?

… or maybe that’s the kind of thing Gerald likes to talk about.


Thallium: I’m a shoo-in for heir, you know. I’m the best at painting already.

Lead: Because you’re the only one with the artistic trait so far.

Lead: And your other skill is writing. Which is like the most boring skill. You just sit at the computer.

Thallium: Yeah… well…

Thallium: I’m still the cutest out of the three of us.

Lead: Cool. Merc and me have actual personality traits.

I broke down an decided to get the last of Gold’s skill points through the brain enhancement machine, since it was taking a long time and adding the same actions to a queue a million times isn’t fun.

Social Networking isn’t on the list of skills. OTL

Does the brain enhancement thing that makes you a genius or whatever help with skilling? It says it helps with classes and exams? I did it anyway. I have no idea if it actually helped with skilling.

… how in the world is Erin so much younger than Tantalum when she was originally older than him?

Sometimes her birthday would get pushed back because she couldn’t age up as a werewolf, but was it really that much?

My next attempt at speeding things up with the skills was to send Gold off to the library to stream videos and such. Because the library makes you skill faster.

I was going to make some kind of joke about using up our data plan, but I feel like most libraries at this point have WiFi you can use.

And if not, Gold posts to the Internet from his phone for a living. Definitely has an unlimited plan.

UNFORTUNATELY Gold being at the library leaves these two fuckers alone.


Quick relationship transmogrifier to make Jack and Ernest enemies. And then a text to remind Jack about his cute husband.

Jack: Why is this goofus sending me a ‘secret admirer’ text like I won’t know who it is? We have each other’s numbers saved.

Using the relationship transmogrifier did up Gold’s skill significantly, though, compared to what I’d been doing. So we start toying around with that.

In other news, apparently there’s a rumor going around that this ten year old got arrested for… vague, undefined reasons.

She’s too young for the police to even show up if she’s out past curfew. How does this work.

And the moodlet implies that she did, in fact, have some bad actions?

Did she try to forge a copy of the Mona Lisa or something??

I’m pretty sure she’s too young to even sue for slander, so we just have to wait it out, I guess.

In the meantime, I have successfully broken the social networking skill, and I will share what I have found.

So we have three apps that bump up the skill pretty significantly. The relationship changer, the sim finder, and the blog app. The blog app can only be used so much without causing issue unless you have the ‘gotta blog about’ moodlet.

If you have a personal blog, you get that moodlet when you get a new friend.

Sim Finder > Relationship App > Good Friends > Blog About New Friend > Repeat Forever

We got like 500 new followers over the course of, like, half a sim day.

Mercury: It’s our birthday!


Mercury: I skipped school today so my grades aren’t good enough to pick out my new trait!


So Mercury got ‘friendly,’ although I’ll probably switch it out for a trait that helps her boost the skills she needs at some point if she’s heir.

She can start working on sculpting and at least make us cool stuff to put in the house, for now.

Thallium already had the traits she needs for her skills, so she is now ambitious.

And Lead now has the artistic trait as well, so she might start catching up with her sister’s painting skills in between working on photography.

… I’m going to need to take some pictures of them with similar angles and lighting now because I feel like they might be pretty close to being identical now that I look at them?

… Mercury’s ears are different from Thallium’s at least? I think? Hm.


I really should have an introduction to this chapter, but this is enough, right?

I saw that there was a gold skin available for Gold’s cell phone and I went for it.

Because Gold.

I took this picture because the boys were being cute but now I’m kind of fixated on whatever is going on with Gold’s forehead.

It’s like his hairline is starting to recede but, like, actually receding. Back into his head meat.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve probably seen sims putting dirty clothes into their inventory before? But I couldn’t remember seeing that ever when playing.

constantly see them gather up dirty laundry only to put it back into a hamper or throw it on the floor. And they could have just held onto those clothes until they got around to actually doing the laundry??

Mercury: Frick the police.

Thallium: Isn’t this great, daddy? Two people working together on the aspirations and goals that they will certainly accomplish, through hard work and perseverence?

Tantalum: Well, I’m going to accomplish my goals. You haven’t been chosen to be the heir yet. People who aren’t in our household don’t accomplish much of anything.

Thallium: … well, it was a nice moment.

I sporadically remember that we’re supposed to have family outings. Our heiresses are aspiring artists, so we head to the art studio!!

Thallium: … meh.

Please tell me that you appreciate the art? We drove all the way across town for this.

Lead: This would be better if the lady was Bigfoot.

Family outing: failed.

But we can still salvage the day! Since we’re already out, and there’s a little cafe right next door, Tantalum invites his boss out. He’s only one promotion away from reaching level 10 of his career, and the promotion bar is full.

Might as well ask his boss for the promotion so he can just quit, and spend that extra free time getting in those last few hours of writing to max out the skill.

Tantalum: Hold on, I g


We haven’t finished the objectives yet! He just had to ask his boss for a promotion!! His age bar only JUST got filled up TODAY!!!

Ernest has been at full life bar for ages! Take him!!!!


Tantalum: Well, I can’t think of any regrets I have.


I had one of the family members open the chest in our house remotely to get the Death Flower we’ve had since Lutetium’s garden and put it in Tantalum’s inventory.

But I remembered the flower too late.

And the game didn’t transfer the flower to another family member along with the rest of his stuff so now we don’t even have the flower!! 😡

Quick, find something quirky and fun to talk about…


Ernest: … seriously?


Tantalum’s grave is only medium-sized because the world is cruel. I decorated it with things that weren’t really related to him or things that he liked, but they were in his inventory and I have no other use for them.

It’s what he would have wanted.

Also I put a Vulpix there to watch over the grave. Kind of like a paid mourner except we’re not paying him.

Because foxes don’t have wallets.

Even though the kids had abandoned the family outing, and therefore didn’t see Tantalum’s final moments, they are still pretty shook up about it.

Mercury: I’m painting an unsettling, misshapen figure in vibrant hues, representing the pain that I feel over the loss of grandpa.

Lead: I’m painting a house!

Jack immediately started dumpster diving, which… I mean, whatever you have to do to deal with your feelings, man. I’m not going to judge.

They switched easels.

Lead: Are you copying me?

Mercury: No, I actually put thought into my choice of color.

Thallium: So it’s been helping me to think about how this loss will ultimately make me a better writer. Now that I have experience with grief and loss, I can better write about it.

Thallium: With that in mind, would you mind describing what it’s like to see the life escape your husband’s eyes?

Erin: … I’m going to leave now.

Gold has the right idea. Sometimes you just gotta go skinny-dipping to work through your sadness.

Unfortunately, it’s cold as balls outside so I have to settle for ‘dicking around on the Internet’.

it should have been Ernest…

For Real This Time

The game has indeed loaded up with this set of triplets, so these ones are the ones that are going to stay. Finally.

We can also finally get rid of this playpen. Adults keep defaulting to putting the kids in there, sometimes when the kids still need to be changed or given a bottle.

One thing about the breezeway that I did not anticipate: opens us up to zombie attacks.

Like HELL you do.

Luckily, Jack does not seem into some old mummy flirting with him.

Lutetium: You should really be the one holed up in this box. :/

Sam: … can I still eat?

Once everyone who needed to work went to work, we had a birthday party for the kids.

For one thing, I’m tired of the toddler stage at this point. It was stressful enough the first time around.

For another, the game screwed up and set one of the kids as being a day older than the other two, so we have to fix it manually.

First up is our for-real, authentic, not going to be replaced this time Mercury Mendeleev. She’s going the painter/sculptor route, which is the second option listed on the DITFT page but I got mixed up about the order of the elements so there you go.

She was born with neurotic and perceptive. Savvy Sculptor isn’t available yet and I wasn’t thinking about how she needs to know painting as well, so I gave her the eco-friendly trait.

I figured that it would give her a reason to make her own things like furniture. Save the environment and all.

Next is Thallium. She is going to go the painter/author route.

I was going to go with the apron thing I had last time around, but then I realized that she’s also an author, and I downloaded a bunch of Regency Era CC and am Jane Austen trash.

Thallium is athletic, artistic, and a bookworm.

Lead was born with perceptive and excitable. I originally wanted to do one of the supernatural generations with her, since there are only two options for this generation I can do.

Then I figured I would keep the ‘art’ theme going. So she’ll be pursuing painting and photography.

She already had the Supernatural Fan trait at that point, though. I kind of like the idea that she’s honing her photography skill to better acquire proof of cryptids.

I did my best with their room. I shortsightedly only allotted two rooms for the kids this generation, and I can’t think of a reason why one of them should get their own room while the other two share.

Ignore the one piece of wall that’s still highlighted for some reason.

Lead: … are you copying me?

Thallium: What? I’m the one with the artistic trait! You’re copying me!

I clicked ‘go to school’ a little too early.

Mercury: Move it or lose it, Mr. Bus! I’m saving the environment!

… please don’t get hit by the Motive Mobile.

Somehow, they actually made it on time.

2 out of 3 heiresses say shoes are for chumps.

I’d like to thank Gold for reminding me to get my mouse because I’d been using the trackpad and it just makes everything more difficult.

Thallium made a friend. Ish.

Thallium: We’ve literally never interacted before this. Why are you inviting me to your house?

Evelyn: your name’s funny and you dress weird. :3

Tantalum: So one of my grandkids is going to be this awesome sculptor and fill our house with homemade furniture…

That’s nice, Tantalum. Get to interviewing.

Speaking of Mercury, she’s signed up for scouts–to better learn how to care for the planet–and is now doing her homework outside of school.

This is Trista. She’s going to be our new BFF.

Ernest: I guess I don’t understand why none of you girls want to play with the toys we bought you.

Mercury: I think Thallium’s throwing herself into her art or something? Personally, I’m appalled at the amount of pollution created by the production of plastic toys.

Mercury: Isn’t it a bit wasteful to send an entire bus just for the three of us?

Lead: My wings are getting crumpled. 😦

Thallium: Left to sit alone on the bus… perhaps I could write a story about a girl whose own sisters have rejected her… yes…

Disregard That Last Bit

I pulled up my game to find that the kids I’d ported into the household–and Ernest, who had been the ‘chaperone,’ since you can’t have a household without an adult in Sims 3–weren’t able to be selected. So in the end I had to pull up an earlier save file and transfer the family into a new town.

So just pretend that the past two chapters didn’t happen, because they didn’t.

We will be in Roaring Heights for the foreseeable future,

I was going to pursue the ‘clone surrogate’ route again, but eventually settled on just moving Jack into create-a-sim and setting him to female for a while.

But first we have to tie the knot again.

Erin: There’s no way I can vaccinate all these people. There is an invisible wall.

At this point I feel it would be morally wrong to help her reach any of the higher levels in the medical career. She’d be dangerous as a surgeon.

Especially because she keeps getting thrown into the trash. There’s germs in there.

A quick backyard wedding, attended by the few people we’ve managed to meet in town.

Now they can focus on making kids with great hair.

Third time’s the charm?


Hey! Why are you sleeping in our breezeway? Shoo!

… Tantalum why did you mail this?

There was also a full moon. 😛

Zombie: I’m just saying, you have one foot in the grave and I have one hand clawing out of the grave. We have a lot in common!

Not a lot happened for a while, other than working on career stuff to get back up to speed.

Success number one is that Jack gave birth with no infinite baby shenanigans, and I could close and open the game without any apparent weirdness.

Success number two is that we had triplet girls, which makes me feel better about my kind-of-cheating because if it had stuck we would have had three girls either way.

I appreciate that you two love each other and are happy that Jack is back to normal

but you have three infants that need to be taken care of and we have zero time for leisure.

We would have more free time if the people who weren’t currently tasked with baby care didn’t flock to the already-cramped nursery.

And also if Ernest and Jack didn’t insist on flirting with each other in every timeline.

Time to use the relationship thingy to make them enemies.

Tantalum: So one of the kids this generation is going to be into sculpting, right? Do you think they could make a sculpture of me?

Gold: … the odds of one of them getting to that skill level before you die are pretty low. And drop to zero if they get taken by the social worker because you wouldn’t let me get to my daughter to feed her. :I

We also have to find a friend for Gold in this town now that what’s-her-name doesn’t exist.

At least now we know that the SimFinder app selects from the pool of sims in town before resorting to making new ones. Mystery that wasn’t particularly mysterious solved.

So here’s… Mercury. I’m pretty sure.



For real this time. I hope.

Now to train three toddlers. Again. What god did I anger to deserve this?

Luckily, this time around I noticed that there was a ‘learn to talk’ option with the playpen after one of the kids got dropped off in there. So the learning to talk, at least, happened pretty fast.

Walking still had to be taught, though, and potty-training was surprisingly awful. The adults had to travel halfway across the house to find an open space to pick up the kid and they would keep dropping the action midway.

And then sometimes they would just pick up the kid no problem while in the nursery, as if to show that it actually didn’t have to be complicated, but the game wanted to be mean to me.

But I digress.

This picture represents the last of the toddler training. So next time we should see our potential heiresses as children and learn about their traits.

For real this time.

Working Overtime!

I’d like to thank everyone again for giving me suggestions for how to fix things, although I only just saw the comments after closing the game after figuring out a workaround.

The most likely cause, I guess, is that it’s the neighborhood that’s messed up? So we’ll be moving next generation, I guess.

Anyway this is going to be a quick-ish chapter I think.

Okay, we’re back to the last time I saved. Tantalum works on writing out articles that he’s done like… three times now.

Gold works on getting his social networking skill up so we can hit level 10.

Erin works on… graffiti? We have a street art kit in the house for decoration but it’s still where I put it and I can’t find where Erin got this skill?

If I find random graffiti five chapters from now I’ll know what’s up, though.

Erin: I’m concerned that you’re skipping school but impressed that you’re taking care of your health.

Ah! Mulan!

Dude: *ruins shot*

Gold and Jack continue to be cute even though Gold covered Jack’s body in scribbles.

The ‘relationship transmogrifier, interview, article,’ cycle is working pretty well. Tantalum is all set to get a promotion.

… as soon as he goes back to work. Which will be a while, he gets hella days off now.

Jack: What’s the occasion for pampering me?

Gold: I can’t pamper the guy carrying my babies?

Jack: I’m not–

Gold: Shhh…

Our second reason for inviting Tiffany over is to get her up to ‘Best Friend’ so I can in (semi) good conscious check off the ‘find love of life with sim finder app’ goal.

Gold takes her out to the fancy restaurant. Really glad I’m paying big bucks for them to have PB&J and cookies.

… really?

So Gold gets Tiff up to being his best friend.

She miiiight have gotten the wrong idea when he took her out to the nice restaurant though.

Tantalum: What’s that, Tiffany? … I’m not sure that would– … well I think Gold’s already *ahem* planted some seeds with someone else, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of seeds…



I could have sworn I took a picture of Lead but it’s not here!

I ended up mixing Gold and Jack’s genes in CAS and then injecting the kids into the family, which meant that we had to have them as toddlers rather than infants.

I decided to make triplet baby girls that all had the ‘friendly’ trait as we had originally. And then immediately regretted my decision because triplets are hell even when you’re not trying to get them all trained up with their skills.

Our temporary little nursery.

So most of the time after that was spent teaching the kids all of their skills.

Lead’s first word was ‘car.’

Mercury’s first word was… buff? Muscles?

Thallium’s… okay, this isn’t her first word. It’s hard to keep track of things when you’re trying to juggle five adults and three toddlers to ensure maximum skill-learning time.

Jack: Say ‘birthday,’ as in “I can’t wait for your birthday so you won’t be in diapers anymore.”

Thallium: Birfdee!

Jack: I’m… so tired.

Ahahaha time for walking!!

I didn’t even notice when Tantalum reached level 9 in journalism, but he did it!

… see I know this one is fake because Jack has done nothing but eat, sleep, and toddler train for like two days.

Aaaaaaand we’re done! Everyone is some kind of miserable but the kids were trained up and I immediately cake them because they are two days from childhood and I need them to be able to take care of their own needs now. o_o

So time for an actual introduction. We were too busy for one before.

First is Mercury Mendeleev. Like all of the sisters, she is friendly. Her second trait is couch potato, and she got ‘artistic’ as her childhood trait after aging up well.

Her favorite color is pink, and she’s got an apron on to protect her clothes from paint.

Second is Thallium Mendeleev. Along with friendly, she got ‘loves the outdoors’ when she was a toddler. Her childhood trait is perfectionist, mostly because the trait I wanted wasn’t available yet and I didn’t want to give two of them the artistic trait.

Her favorite color is spiceberry, although I kind of just act like it’s purple because ‘spiceberry’ is a pretty specific shade so it’s hard to work with. She also has an apron because she can’t be a sculptor just yet, but it’s good to be prepared.

Finally, Lead Mendeleev. She doesn’t look it in this picture but she is friendly and excitable. Her childhood trait is supernatural fan!

Her favorite color is black and I could have given her an apron but I’m looking to make her a witch since there were only two ‘generation four’ paths that I can do with the expansions that I have.

Next time we will actually learn who these kids are and I will have some time to breathe.

Please Stand By

I think I got the hang of this blogging thing!

I’m not sure that what prompted this moodlet could be called ‘idle pondering.’ But I got this moodlet…

…and then got almost fifty followers!

The blog posts that Gold has been making without the moodlet are also consistently getting more followers now rather than losing them. We can do this!

Nothing like pancakes and then eight whatever-alcohol-those-cups-represents for breakfast.

Gin and tonic? That’s a pretty un-frilly drink that would be served in a glass of that shape? Right?

I wanted to explore the town more so I sent Jack and Gold off on a date to what I think was a bar?

I got distracted by the weird rooms full of chairs and statues that were upstairs.

Then Jack wanted to use his Sim Finder app and we actually do need to do that for our objectives this generation. So the date was cut a little short.

This is our new friend, Tiffany. She was going to be our new acquaintance but Jack also has a magical app that can just change people’s relationships, so she’s a friend, but that’s as much as the app does so we’re going to have to work to get her to BFF status.

Jack: We’re still on our date, Gold.

Tiffany: Oh, don’t mind me! Why didn’t you tell me your husband was so cute?

Gold: Because we’ve known each other for five seconds.

After a few drinks they end up at the salon because Jack wants a tattoo.

Jack: We got here too late. I guess we can try again tomorrow.

Gold: No, I got this! My blood is pumping with the confidence only alcohol can give and they forgot to lock up the tattoo gun thing! And this would be great for my blog!

Jack: I’m thinking something classy and understated.

Gold: Yeah, yeah. I got you.

Gold: … I don’t know how this happened.

Jack: Uh… does the back piece you did look good at least?

Gold: … yeah. It’s great.

We were then invited to Iridium’s for a party but there… wasn’t a party?… so the guys went back home.


So Gold uses the relationship app to make Ernest and Jack enemies.

Because fuck that.

Went to wait for Tantalum to finish up work so he could do some interviews and I noticed that the movie theater had actual movie posters on the side that aren’t in Simlish and I’m confused about how that happened.

I’m assuming it’s linked to something I downloaded but I don’t remember downloading anything to change the movie theater. Maybe it came with the town somehow?

Anyway Tantalum is working on his reporter career and he’s at around level eight now. We’re very close and mostly need to work on getting interviews and writing reports on those interviews.

Gold’s still cute.

Gold: I have a hand.

Gold: And a cute husband.

Jack: I just looked at my tattoos sober and I’m debating whether they have enough sentimental value to keep.

Gold wanted to throw parties, so we’re killing two birds with one stone. More interviews!

Also this paparazzi guy showed up with fucked up hair and started hitting on Gold. Go away! Why is your hair like that!

Someone left some drinks on the Ouija board for all the dead Mendeleevs.

Speaking of dead Mendeleevs, Sam came out to witness our surrogate mom sim giving birth.

It was a girl with the friendly trait!

And another girl with the friendly trait!


And another girl with the friendly trait which should not be possible because that would put us at nine sims in the house and I don’t have any overstuffed family mods. I deleted Jacki to put us back down to eight and figured, well, I was going to have three kids this generation anyway.

Except that, while the babies existed in an abstract sense, as being in the household and having family relationships, they didn’t exist in the house and I couldn’t select them. I could move them out of the house with an adult and they would appear like normal in little family photo, and then would disappear when they got moved back into the house.

… okay.

The game couldn’t figure out how to proceed when I tried to move the entire house to see if that would fix it somehow, so we got bumped back to whenever I’d saved last.

Which was apparently right before Jack and Gold made Gack in their bedroom.

This time, Ernest watches.

I regret moving Ernest into the house a tiny bit, but it’s convenient for him to clean and do the laundry so it’s only the tiniest bit of regret.

Ellie-clone-who-isn’t-Ellie: I can’t reach Tantalum because Tantalum is in the way!

*thirty minutes’ worth of repositioning later*

This time around I’m not even having Tantalum take the time to talk to people before interviewing them. Gold can instantly make people be friends with Tantalum, so we just modify a few townie brains and then invite them out somewhere.

Definitely going to invest in learning social networking for generations that require charisma skill.

Then it’s time to write up an article. I’ve been writing nice articles so the other sim wouldn’t get mad, but now that I think of it we could just undo relationship loss with the app as well.

Do the negative articles make your job performance increase more? I feel like it should.

Okay, finger’s crossed!

It’s a girl with the friendly trait!

And another!

And another!

And another!

And another!

So apparently whatever is going on with this wasn’t just a fluke. I don’t know if it has to do with Jacki being a clone, or being edited, or if the town we moved to is just broken to begin with or what, but, uh, I’ll figure out some way to make kids happen?

In the meantime I’m so going to set a record for the 100 baby challenge.