Working Overtime!

I’d like to thank everyone again for giving me suggestions for how to fix things, although I only just saw the comments after closing the game after figuring out a workaround.

The most likely cause, I guess, is that it’s the neighborhood that’s messed up? So we’ll be moving next generation, I guess.

Anyway this is going to be a quick-ish chapter I think.

Okay, we’re back to the last time I saved. Tantalum works on writing out articles that he’s done like… three times now.

Gold works on getting his social networking skill up so we can hit level 10.

Erin works on… graffiti? We have a street art kit in the house for decoration but it’s still where I put it and I can’t find where Erin got this skill?

If I find random graffiti five chapters from now I’ll know what’s up, though.

Erin: I’m concerned that you’re skipping school but impressed that you’re taking care of your health.

Ah! Mulan!

Dude: *ruins shot*

Gold and Jack continue to be cute even though Gold covered Jack’s body in scribbles.

The ‘relationship transmogrifier, interview, article,’ cycle is working pretty well. Tantalum is all set to get a promotion.

… as soon as he goes back to work. Which will be a while, he gets hella days off now.

Jack: What’s the occasion for pampering me?

Gold: I can’t pamper the guy carrying my babies?

Jack: I’m not–

Gold: Shhh…

Our second reason for inviting Tiffany over is to get her up to ‘Best Friend’ so I can in (semi) good conscious check off the ‘find love of life with sim finder app’ goal.

Gold takes her out to the fancy restaurant. Really glad I’m paying big bucks for them to have PB&J and cookies.

… really?

So Gold gets Tiff up to being his best friend.

She miiiight have gotten the wrong idea when he took her out to the nice restaurant though.

Tantalum: What’s that, Tiffany? … I’m not sure that would– … well I think Gold’s already *ahem* planted some seeds with someone else, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of seeds…



I could have sworn I took a picture of Lead but it’s not here!

I ended up mixing Gold and Jack’s genes in CAS and then injecting the kids into the family, which meant that we had to have them as toddlers rather than infants.

I decided to make triplet baby girls that all had the ‘friendly’ trait as we had originally. And then immediately regretted my decision because triplets are hell even when you’re not trying to get them all trained up with their skills.

Our temporary little nursery.

So most of the time after that was spent teaching the kids all of their skills.

Lead’s first word was ‘car.’

Mercury’s first word was… buff? Muscles?

Thallium’s… okay, this isn’t her first word. It’s hard to keep track of things when you’re trying to juggle five adults and three toddlers to ensure maximum skill-learning time.

Jack: Say ‘birthday,’ as in “I can’t wait for your birthday so you won’t be in diapers anymore.”

Thallium: Birfdee!

Jack: I’m… so tired.

Ahahaha time for walking!!

I didn’t even notice when Tantalum reached level 9 in journalism, but he did it!

… see I know this one is fake because Jack has done nothing but eat, sleep, and toddler train for like two days.

Aaaaaaand we’re done! Everyone is some kind of miserable but the kids were trained up and I immediately cake them because they are two days from childhood and I need them to be able to take care of their own needs now. o_o

So time for an actual introduction. We were too busy for one before.

First is Mercury Mendeleev. Like all of the sisters, she is friendly. Her second trait is couch potato, and she got ‘artistic’ as her childhood trait after aging up well.

Her favorite color is pink, and she’s got an apron on to protect her clothes from paint.

Second is Thallium Mendeleev. Along with friendly, she got ‘loves the outdoors’ when she was a toddler. Her childhood trait is perfectionist, mostly because the trait I wanted wasn’t available yet and I didn’t want to give two of them the artistic trait.

Her favorite color is spiceberry, although I kind of just act like it’s purple because ‘spiceberry’ is a pretty specific shade so it’s hard to work with. She also has an apron because she can’t be a sculptor just yet, but it’s good to be prepared.

Finally, Lead Mendeleev. She doesn’t look it in this picture but she is friendly and excitable. Her childhood trait is supernatural fan!

Her favorite color is black and I could have given her an apron but I’m looking to make her a witch since there were only two ‘generation four’ paths that I can do with the expansions that I have.

Next time we will actually learn who these kids are and I will have some time to breathe.


Please Stand By

I think I got the hang of this blogging thing!

I’m not sure that what prompted this moodlet could be called ‘idle pondering.’ But I got this moodlet…

…and then got almost fifty followers!

The blog posts that Gold has been making without the moodlet are also consistently getting more followers now rather than losing them. We can do this!

Nothing like pancakes and then eight whatever-alcohol-those-cups-represents for breakfast.

Gin and tonic? That’s a pretty un-frilly drink that would be served in a glass of that shape? Right?

I wanted to explore the town more so I sent Jack and Gold off on a date to what I think was a bar?

I got distracted by the weird rooms full of chairs and statues that were upstairs.

Then Jack wanted to use his Sim Finder app and we actually do need to do that for our objectives this generation. So the date was cut a little short.

This is our new friend, Tiffany. She was going to be our new acquaintance but Jack also has a magical app that can just change people’s relationships, so she’s a friend, but that’s as much as the app does so we’re going to have to work to get her to BFF status.

Jack: We’re still on our date, Gold.

Tiffany: Oh, don’t mind me! Why didn’t you tell me your husband was so cute?

Gold: Because we’ve known each other for five seconds.

After a few drinks they end up at the salon because Jack wants a tattoo.

Jack: We got here too late. I guess we can try again tomorrow.

Gold: No, I got this! My blood is pumping with the confidence only alcohol can give and they forgot to lock up the tattoo gun thing! And this would be great for my blog!

Jack: I’m thinking something classy and understated.

Gold: Yeah, yeah. I got you.

Gold: … I don’t know how this happened.

Jack: Uh… does the back piece you did look good at least?

Gold: … yeah. It’s great.

We were then invited to Iridium’s for a party but there… wasn’t a party?… so the guys went back home.


So Gold uses the relationship app to make Ernest and Jack enemies.

Because fuck that.

Went to wait for Tantalum to finish up work so he could do some interviews and I noticed that the movie theater had actual movie posters on the side that aren’t in Simlish and I’m confused about how that happened.

I’m assuming it’s linked to something I downloaded but I don’t remember downloading anything to change the movie theater. Maybe it came with the town somehow?

Anyway Tantalum is working on his reporter career and he’s at around level eight now. We’re very close and mostly need to work on getting interviews and writing reports on those interviews.

Gold’s still cute.

Gold: I have a hand.

Gold: And a cute husband.

Jack: I just looked at my tattoos sober and I’m debating whether they have enough sentimental value to keep.

Gold wanted to throw parties, so we’re killing two birds with one stone. More interviews!

Also this paparazzi guy showed up with fucked up hair and started hitting on Gold. Go away! Why is your hair like that!

Someone left some drinks on the Ouija board for all the dead Mendeleevs.

Speaking of dead Mendeleevs, Sam came out to witness our surrogate mom sim giving birth.

It was a girl with the friendly trait!

And another girl with the friendly trait!


And another girl with the friendly trait which should not be possible because that would put us at nine sims in the house and I don’t have any overstuffed family mods. I deleted Jacki to put us back down to eight and figured, well, I was going to have three kids this generation anyway.

Except that, while the babies existed in an abstract sense, as being in the household and having family relationships, they didn’t exist in the house and I couldn’t select them. I could move them out of the house with an adult and they would appear like normal in little family photo, and then would disappear when they got moved back into the house.

… okay.

The game couldn’t figure out how to proceed when I tried to move the entire house to see if that would fix it somehow, so we got bumped back to whenever I’d saved last.

Which was apparently right before Jack and Gold made Gack in their bedroom.

This time, Ernest watches.

I regret moving Ernest into the house a tiny bit, but it’s convenient for him to clean and do the laundry so it’s only the tiniest bit of regret.

Ellie-clone-who-isn’t-Ellie: I can’t reach Tantalum because Tantalum is in the way!

*thirty minutes’ worth of repositioning later*

This time around I’m not even having Tantalum take the time to talk to people before interviewing them. Gold can instantly make people be friends with Tantalum, so we just modify a few townie brains and then invite them out somewhere.

Definitely going to invest in learning social networking for generations that require charisma skill.

Then it’s time to write up an article. I’ve been writing nice articles so the other sim wouldn’t get mad, but now that I think of it we could just undo relationship loss with the app as well.

Do the negative articles make your job performance increase more? I feel like it should.

Okay, finger’s crossed!

It’s a girl with the friendly trait!

And another!

And another!

And another!

And another!

So apparently whatever is going on with this wasn’t just a fluke. I don’t know if it has to do with Jacki being a clone, or being edited, or if the town we moved to is just broken to begin with or what, but, uh, I’ll figure out some way to make kids happen?

In the meantime I’m so going to set a record for the 100 baby challenge.

Hell Hospital!

We’ve left whatever town we were even in–the title of the first post on this blog informs me that it was Dragon Valley, whoops!–and headed to (I’m pretty sure) Spooky Town, which I’m pretty sure I got from the Sims Exchange.

I forgot the shark that I’d been planning on saving from generation to generation and all of our photo booth pictures went black on the transfer between worlds. So there goes that.

It took me a lot of looking through house plans to find the layout I wanted for this generation; blogging says ‘modern’ to me but I didn’t want it looking too much like the house we had before, which was also big and modern. I think. I’m not good at differentiating architectural styles.

Finally decided to go with ‘quirky’ over modern because that’s the kind of persona that internet-famous people generally present. So here’s a house with a breezeway which wasn’t something I even knew existed.

Gold has the party animal trait (I immediately after posting the last chapter remembered that I’d been planning to give him snob–whoops) so we have a big main room to facilitate partying. I went a little wild with the kitchen clutter I downloaded so we actually have only two functioning counters.

The other side of the room has a sitting area, fireplace, and lots of open room for socializing.

And a shit ton of relics from Egypt.

The room that was marked as ‘garage’ on the floor plan I was going off of is a funky game room. Don’t expect to see the crystal ball too much because some people wanted to spend their whole lives looking at it and proved to me that we can’t have nice things.

…Do you mean to tell me that you don’t have a sarcophagus in your laundry room?


One of the nicer ones; I put a plant in it.

There was a convenient little notch built into the hallway between the smaller bedrooms (which will remain empty until some kids are born) so we have more space to actually display the relics.

Very green master bedroom, because that’s both of the guys’ favorite color.

The train set is just there because I couldn’t figure out how else to make it not an empty cavernous wasteland of a room.

This was one of the bathrooms I designed after getting bored of designing bathrooms.

I even forgot to put a mirror over the sink, apparently.

Just shoddy craftsmanship all around.

The breezeway just holds some stuff right now. I’ll probably make it less of a storage area sometime in the future. And figure out where to put the snake basket.

Maybe the laundry room. That seems like a sensible place to keep a snake. The dryer running will keep it warm or something.

An attempt was made at landscaping the backyard.

Across the breezeway is the a little suite where Tantalum and Erin live. It just now occurred to me that I didn’t put down anywhere for Ernest to sleep. Whoops.

Anyway, the first room in the suite is a little office for Tantalum, with more relics on display and a playpen already set up for when grandchildren arrive.

This was another bathroom I designed before I got fed up with making bathrooms.

There’s only so many ways to arrange a sink, a shower, and a toilet, and there’s only so much time that one would expect to spend in the bathroom anyway.

Tantalum and Erin have a pretty simple bedroom but I’m actually in love with it.

So before we start with the main legacy I want to quick plop Iridium and Sheree down and get them together–

Allyson: Iridium Mendeleev? I love your work! Stranding a guy in a tomb? Classic!

Iridium: I was kind of in the middle of marrying my girlfriend…

Allyson: I feel kind of like I’m not wanted here…

That’s because you’re not.

Back to the main family.

I sent Erin to the elixir shop that I plopped down in town first thing so we could get started on securing the grandchild situation. Being as none of the pregnancy mods I can find work in my game anymore.

But the cashier hadn’t loaded so she had to use a Nintendo Switch to diagnose a townie.

Gold: Assuming my mom picks up what we need from the store, our kids are going to have great hair.

Jack: Yeah just the best hair.

And we had success!

I’m trying to cheat as little as possible vis-a-vis creating children genetically related to both of them.

So my plan is to clone Jack and then make a sort of… surrogate?

Basically there’s a clone of Jack whom I am calling Jacki running around, who will be able to carry the next generation of kids while basically giving them Jack’s genetics. We just need to earn the No Jealousy (and maybe Stone-Hearted?) LTRs so there’s no issue with, um… getting the sperm into our surrogate mother.

Speaking of:

Would you fuck a clone of yourself? Jack would.

Also… ‘we have so much in common.’ He’s not wrong.

More… Gack… because they’re cute.

I hadn’t been meaning to do anything more than build the house when I started playing, but, uh…

When in doubt, propose!

And then skinny-dip in the hot tub with your fiancé, but ignore him and look at the stars.

Again, the Internet loves hearing about Gold’s love life.

Gold: We literally got here yesterday and talked to no one, but we probably know enough people in town to have a bachelor party? Maybe?

Ernest: I know your pajamas make you look like a six-year-old but you’re old enough to pick up your own clothes, dammit.

Ernest, you were born a butler, and a butler you shall die.

Oh, yeah… we can get money from people who follow the blog.

And since it’s a generation requirement we should probably ask for some donations.

Gold: Please help me pay for my wedding. We spent almost all of our money on an exorbitant fountain in the backyard and now our bank account only has two numbers in front of the comma instead of three. ;_;

Even if you can’t donate, every reblog helps.

The crystal ball is actually pretty accurate today, since we just invited a bunch of people over for a bachelor party.

How do we know these people? No idea.

Jack wants to be a mixologist, so while I’m not invested in doing all of that right now we can at least let him do what he loves.

Also it gets us some happiness points, which we need.

Also having drinks available will probably make the party better.

Also this entire family has demonstrated that it is full of alcoholics.

Erin how many fortunes do you need in one day?

Enough that she legitimately skipped work in order to repeatedly look into the crystal ball.

So that’s gone now. :I

Jack no.

We somehow had a pretty nice turnout to the party.

The red-haired girl is our surrogate who currently lives in the laundry room. Once she pops out three kids we’ll send her off to who-knows-where, where she’ll probably live in squalor.

It’s like in The Giver.

Erin: I’m so excited… my baby boy is getting married…

Gold: Mom when I asked you to make a toast I kind of meant after we went back to the main room.

Erin: For better or worse…

Tantalum: ‘Sup, son?

Gold: … Mom just ended her ‘toast’ by passing out on the bathroom floor so I’m not even going to say anything.

Tantalum: Do I look fleek?

Gold: Don’t push it.

Iridium: ‘It’s a shame you won’t be around to enjoy the game room,’ HA! I’ll show him! *overwrites Tantalum’s game data*

I made damn sure that Erin went to work the next day despite her hangover and discovered that the world map does something to hide the rabbit holes, because the hospital lot has an actual furnished building. It’s super cute. There’s a little waiting area and a maternity ward with little pink and blue cribs, and, uh…

What the HECKING fuck???

I mean it’s called Spooky Town so I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I kind of figured that the ‘spooky’ only extended as far as there being a house shaped like a pumpkin.

Meanwwhile, Gold was visiting the cemetery to get more of those sweet, sweet lifetime happiness points, and the ban on fishing is apparently upheld by a minor Lovecraftian being.

I didn’t really find anything as fucked up as the stuff in the hospital, though.

Oh noooo that one has a teddy bear on it now I’m sad…

The attention to detail in these lots and the way that they make you aware of stuff happening in the town, in a kind of abstract way, is really cool though. Like here’s an open grave and the dirt hasn’t been put back in yet.

So probably expect a bunch of lot details whenever anyone goes someplace that came with the town.

And here’s the final resting place of a car.

That seems like… not the way a hospital should be run.

But blood and dead bodies just lying around also seems like a health code violation so the allocation of funds into employee wages is really the not the first thing to be criticized here.

The boys had a quick little backyard wedding after Erin came back from the haunted hell hospital from hell.

Michelle: Why aren’t people paying attention to me?

Please leave.

The nice thing is I can just move the camera and… she’s gone. No longer exists.

I could also just delete her and she would really no longer exist, but I am a merciful god and want to keep my fucking-up of this save file minimal.

There is a traditional after-wedding pillow fight, although I think typically the pillow fight happens at least near the bedroom.

Or we could just not use the bed at all. That’s fine too.

Jack: I can’t believe I’m married now and got to share such a private, intimate moment–

Gold: Hold on, gotta put all the juicy details on my blog.

Cute Boys

First off I’d like to thank everyone who offered me some tips on how to do the blogging thing right. I think I understand what I’m supposed to do better I just don’t understand–

–why the game says a post is good but also says I lose followers?

Except when I checked the blog stats it actually looked like we gained 10 followers so I’m just going to assume it’s broken, as my game usually is.

Ernest: Could you stop rummaging through the trash? It reflects badly on our family.

Erin: You’re not my MOM I do what I WANT.

And then the entire town hated us because word got out that Erin Mendeleev was Problematic.

Iridium: … and that’s what happens to my hair when I go between human and werewolf forms. Did that answer your question?

Gold: I was actually wondering why your hair is suddenly curled and styled. And where the headband came from.

Family members have taken to sleeping in the sarcophagus. I’m pretty sure that it won’t turn them undead. 95% positive.

Speaking of Egypt, apparently Platinum went back to dating Aziz after he got kicked out to prevent glitches. Just thought it was interesting.

It was prom night, so Gold went to school and… decided his bathing suit was the best thing to wear to prom.

Gold: Usually the prom is ‘under the sea’ themed. It just makes sense.

I’m assuming he walked by a mirror.

Somehow he got prom king anyway. I’ll never understand sims.

Tantalum: With Gold taking over soon, maybe we’ll have a game room in our next house. It’s too bad you won’t have much time to enjoy it before you move out.

Iridium: It’s too bad you won’t have much time to enjoy it before you die!

Tantalum: … that was uncalled for.

I seriously doubt that.

And here’s my proof that Gold was wearing swim trunks the entire time, it wasn’t just that he walked into the building and then changed or something.

A night to remember.

Gold also picked up a boyyyy at prom. I didn’t really orchestrate anything it’s just that all the kids are gay.

I know that the generation goals say to find the love of your life through social networking but I’m actually really on board with this so, like…

It never specifies what kind of love of your life to find over social networking. I choose to believe that finding platonic love is in the spirit of the generation. If anything it’ll be harder because I suck at maintaining my sims’ friendships.

See?? They’re so cute?? I can’t separate them!

Sam: I sense… more Egyptian artifacts… they remind me of home…

Sam, you’ve never been to Egypt. You’re not even Egyptian, you’re Japanese, and I doubt you’ve been to sim!Japan either.

Sam: Jaaaaars…

Went to set up a birthday party for Gold and… Erin’s at a party already. Apparently.

Unrelated to game wonkiness, there’s an option to ‘follow up with patient’ which I never noticed before.

See? Cute!

If it had been some random townie sim I would have no problem with breaking them up but I made Jack in order to fill a house I was making with family photos, so he’s cute and not a face one. And the time spent in create-a-sim and decorating his bedroom might have made me the tiniest bit emotionally invested?


Jack: Oh, your sister’s kind of hot, too!

I’d get upset but Erin started her time in the legacy by gushing over every Mendeleev sibling, so I’m taking this as a good sign. I like Erin.

Cute flowers for cute boys!

And Gold has his first kiss!

Tantalum do NOT smash into those cakes! We need them!

Gotta quick secure Jack before the game sets him up with someone else or something.

And then Gold wanted to give him a present.

Gold: Dead frog?

And then the frog was never seen again.

Gold quick popped onto his blog because the ‘gotta blog about…’ moodlet showed up and… the Internet is really interested in gay love stories. As it should be.

Platinum: I heard there was a party, so I brought vegetarian chili. Not that I’m a vegetarian but I want to be considerate of those who might be.

Platinum’s cute too. We may be reaching critical cuteness mass.

Jack goes first because he could potentially run away.

Gold: I’m love my boyfriend?

I’m physically incapable of separating them please understand.

Gold: … Jack? Come watch me age up now? …Jack?

Guy: Did you ever notice how there aren’t any garbage trucks? We have garbage cans and a dump, but nothing transporting our trash from our can to the dump!

Jack eventually did go to watch his boyfriend’s birthday.

… commitment issues.

This actually gives me an excuse to change some of Gold’s traits, because some of them were actually working against us for the blogging. So Gold’s actually a friendly, absent-minded computer whiz and his last two traits are irresistible and party animal, which will help with blogging.

A very nice face to pull for his first YA picture.

Also, did anyone notice that he had pointy ears? Because I sure didn’t.

We just need to move Jack in and then we’ll be ready to redo the house for Gold’s generation.

… Gold, you’ve never been to university.

Unfortunately, Jack still had the trait couch potato at the time, and Jack’s a workaholic, so he left and we had to invite him out to talk to him again. But he was quick to move in after that!

…I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of swim trunks this generation.

How Do I Wrote Blog??

It’s time for another chapter of the Mendeleev family. I need to tell you this because we’re not on a regular schedule by a long shot. But here we are.

I’ve already announced Gold as the heir but he’s cute anyway so here’s another picture of him.

After completely failing at blogging last time I sent someone out to buy all the social media skill books. So that’s what he’ll be doing for a little while. Skilling up as fast as he can so we can maybe actually get followers on these blogs?

No! Back, demon spawn!!

Gold unlocked the first app we can use other than the blogging app…

Can you imagine trying to download an app only to find that the phone won’t let you because you can’t Tumblr good. I would have zero apps on my phone.

NO! 😦

After getting Iridium away from her step-grandpa she decides to get a drink and watch the television. The television in the other room. Without even facing towards the other room or the television at all. Okay.

Gold is supposed to meet his spouse (probably) through the sim finder app but it won’t let you look for anyone under young adult. I mean, I guess it would be kind of creepy to specifically look for teen sims except Gold is a teen sim.

I guess I just have to keep him isolated from the two kids in school who aren’t related to him so he can meet them through the app later.

And he wouldn’t be able to meet up with anyone anyway because he’s on time out.

I call bullshit because his grades have increased drastically since the last time. You can’t go from a D average to an A average in one day! Freedom for Gold one like = one prayer.

Riley: Playyyy with meeee…

Riley please stop.

She woke him up at 3 am for a chat she isn’t real.

… Platinum isn’t real either technically so Riley is double not-real and needs to stop.

Tantalum has a snazzy weatherman jacket now. I like it but it caused me significant distress because I thought he was going rogue and picking out his own outfits.


I guess Gold was enrolled in the drama club because he got an opportunity for it. I’m not big on pop culture so I don’t know if Olivia Street is a reference but I’m going to assume it is.

Damn this should have been the acting generation Gold did great.

It was a full moon which can only mean one thing: birthdays. Important things only happen on full moons because the game exists only to spite me with ugly lighting.

Gold: Ew, you’re old now.

Tantalum: But I still have a snazzy jacket.

Platinum went to a friend’s house but it was really an empty lot because our society is built upon lies.

Gold’s blog, which could not be accessed in Egypt, retained the name that we gave it in Egypt, even though the game couldn’t originally remember the blog’s name in between worlds.

I’m just not even going to question this logic. Maybe one day I’ll actually change the name back.

But probably not.

Platinum can’t have a birthday on the full moon so he had a birthday the next morning.

Riley continues to unsettle me.

And now there are holes in the ceiling. : P

Gold: You left the walls dow–

I know I left the walls down; I was taking a picture of the void where the second floor should have been I was not going for realism.

… isn’t Fiona our sister-in-law?

I was going to have Tantalum go just to tell her off but Fiona bailed when she realized her sister was a werewolf that could kill her.

Okay we’re going to have to send Platinum away because he’s doing things he shouldn’t and I want to at least have Gold be a young adult before we move towns.

Also school has been just… not a thing for like two days. Which is good because Gold can study more but bad because I’m not sure why this is happening. And Gold’s grades are still not great.

Gold has been sitting at home and reading for two days straight and he finally takes his anger out on a defenseless flamingo.

Flamingo: But… it was my birthday a little while ago…

Time to un-coop Gold and kill two… ibises?… with one stone.

…  don’t kill ibises please.

And this is just par for the course for this play session. Whoever we were supposed to talk to just up and died, I guess? And Iridium can’t just pick up the quest line where we left off. Which is why the game linking all the quests together so you can only get one after completing another is pretty bullshit.

But we’ll continue exploring some stuff while doing what I assume are like, consolation quests for after the main things are all done.

Omigod this guy is still here.

Gold is now level 7 in social networking. He can instantaneously make people friends but he can’t get people to follow his blog.

We’re trying though.

Gold: So why did Iridium call me to a gross old tomb full of gross dead people?

Iridium: So the statue pressure plates also work if you stand on them, so I just need you to stand on this long enough for me to–why are you in your swimwear?

Gold: Why are you in your pajamas?

Iridium: I’ve been sleeping in here, ya dingus.

Iridium no that is an active trap your head is on!

Adventuring is mostly finding new and unusual places to sleep in.

How do we have zero followers if all our recent posts were good?


‘Wow this post is good I’m gonna unfollow.’

The only explanation is that the blogging app really is Tumblr and it is actively forcing people off of our blog.

Paparazzi: Holy shit you scared me! I thought you were a mummy or something.

Iridium: Okay… I’m gonna leave so you’re probably going to be shut in here the rest of your life? Sorry.

Iridium: Wow I’m glad I went from taking down an international crime syndicate to taking shitty pictures with my cell phone.

Iridium: So I had kind of a shitty vacation. I hope yours was better?

Gold: I have literally no clue how I’m supposed to do the thing that’s meant to define my life. :I

Iridium: I think that’s just how life is, dude.

My second most pressing question, after “how the hell do you do this social networking thing” is “why do my sims just default to swimwear.”

We now have a sarcophagus now, which is cool. And we just need two more canopic jars in order to get a mummy to live in our house and act as a butler once Ernest dies.

So next time on the Mendeleev legacy we’ll continue to work on social networking and probably utterly fail. I think Gold will be growing up too?

Another Egyptian Interlude

Whoops it’s been more than a month since last update! But now we know who our next heir is.

It’s Gold! So our next generation is going to be all about… social media? Blogging? This will be a learning experience, meaning I have no idea what I’m doing an have already managed to heck it up.

Too bad the generation goal doesn’t include ‘long-distance peeing,’ because it seems that Gold has gotten that down.

I’m glad that Platinum’s not the heir if only because his glitched-out girlfriend(?) won’t be hanging around.

Also go to bed guys it’s a school night.

I’m going to be keeping Iridium because her generation path is another one that I’m interested in seeing through. I’ve only really done the first couple adventures for any given location and I want to see what this expansion I’ve literally had since day one actually has to offer.

Also I figure travelling will be good for blogging material and/or spouse hunting.

I am concern???

Speaking of blogging material, Gold has some news to share with his followers.

*loses followers*

Okay then.

Then the game camera moved on its own and I almost had a heart attack because I don’t recall anyone having a birthday or being super old???

But it just centered itself on this flamingo.

Flamingo: It’s my birthday!

Tantalum’s still plugging away at his own generation goals, and has now been promoted to weatherman.

Tantalum: I predict a shit ton of hurricanes and global warming.

And then Gold got put on time out because he’s pulling a solid D- in school.

Gold: You’ll regret this once I’m in charge… you’ll see…

Tantalum: I’m a good parent. 🙂

I noticed that Sheree is a ‘burial specialist.’

I don’t trust her.

Iridium had to make friends with her uncle for a celebrity thing or something? And Sheree was just there. Waiting. Watching.

I guess Gold thought that doing homework in Iridium’s room would help him absorb whatever helped her get good grades in school?

Gold: Actually I figured she might have kept some of her schoolwork so I could copy it.

Anyway let’s go to Egypt.

Gold: Ugggghhhhh why did you bring me here?

Iridium: Because now you have eight whole extra days to do your homework so you won’t flunk high school? And you can blog about it? And dad brought me here when I was a kid and we got a lot of bonding in, so I thought I’d bring you so we could do sibling stuff.

Gold: I literally can’t do my homework when it’s this hot out.

He literally can’t do his homework in Egypt. :I

And also he has to start a new blog or something? But once I made a blog name it linked up with all his old posts so I don’t know what’s happening here.

Gold: Ughhhhh, even my followers hate Egypt and now I have zero followers.

Iridium: I’m sure you can find something to do that’ll be interesting. I have some explorer stuff to do, but we can meet up later?

Gold: I guess?

Iridium: Also stay close to base camp so you can teleport food into my pockets okthx.

So while Iridium was off accomplishing… way less than I thought, because she needed to get mummitomium which took like seven whole days to spawn… Gold was trying to find things to do that wouldn’t screw up his blog achievements any more.

Which means I was scared of touching the blog app for fear of screwing it up.

I suck at blogging.

And also the social networking skill on the Sims 3 badumTISH!

Gold apparently had an opportunity to get a fish for a school project or… something. He had to get a fish and I could not for the life of me remember accepting this opportunity. But oh well. So we went fishing.

He actually didn’t catch any fish but the game counts frogs as being fish so it’s okay.

He also fixed the sink in base camp because someone broke it. And he got some cooking skill, too, since he couldn’t just rely on someone else to make a meal for him.

Some sibling bonding also occurred.

Iridium, meanwhile, was tearing through any tomb we could open while we waited for mummitomium to spawn. Which, as I said, took almost the entire trip.

I didn’t take too many pictures just because I wanted to try to put more focus on Gold and also not a lot of amusing stuff happened.

We accidentally did a little sequence breaking. Whoops.

I wonder what happens if you bring more than one person? May need to bring a sacrificial lamb to see…

Saw this paparazzi guy regretting all his life choices as we exited the Temple of… the Sky? Maybe? I have no clue.

Iridium got the mummitomium and finished the quest with about six hours to spare for the vacation. So, no, lady, we’re not going to get started on your next thing just yet. : P

Glitch the System!

I thought this was going to be a short chapter because Iridium had two days until her birthday. But I take a lot of pictures so it’s longer than expected.

Latonya: Hey did you know I’m your aunt now? And also the mother of your girlfriend apparently? Pretty wacky, right?

Iridium: … I’m literally on my way to school right now…

And then Erin came to yell at her for skipping school. Starting things off on the right foot.

Then Erin had a vaccination clinic.

Dude: OMG can I has autograph?

Erin: Um… I’m kind of working right now…

Pigtails: Ugh, she keeps being stopped for photos and shit and I can’t even accurately complain about how long I’ve been here ’cause I forgot my watch.

… wait a second.

Dedrick! It’s Dedrick, the guy who used to hang out around the teens, especially when Iridium was trying to spend some time with her girlfriend. Looks like he wasn’t eaten by Sheree or anything weird like that.

Still no word about what happened to the little blonde girl but also I don’t remember her name.

Erin: I have HAD it, mister!

Gold: Okay, give me a time out.

Erin: No, that’s not going to teach you anything. I’m going to take something away from you that you care about, so you’ll really think about what you’ve done.

Gold: 😦

Erin: No foosball.

Gold: … I’ve never touched that thing in my life so okay.

Geez, what’s got her so upset?

… that would do it.

Tantalum is still working hard. Because I make him work hard. He works hard to not work hard whenever I’m not looking.

He’s currently writing a horror novel entitled “Household With Three Teenagers.”

I don’t know why Platinum is just napping, but also it’s 8 PM.

I had him invite over his boyfriend–who has a name which is Aziz–and then actually go to bed.


Tantalum: What.

I found you. Go write. And also get another charisma skill point.

We’ve been really lax with cleaning up all the dead plants. : /

Erin: … can’t you just delete everything since we’re not doing anything with the garden now?

… oh. That would make way more sense.

Erin: Also I need a leg doctor immediately.

We’ve also been lax with the dish-washing recently. But deleting the entire kitchen isn’t really an option.

Have encountered a glitch that I think is related to the free vacation? The game thinks Erin is off in some other town so she can’t fulfill the spleen(?) donation opportunity.

Erin: Oh thank fuck.

Gold: Okay, but think about it. Restaurants are for eating. Hospitals are for sick people. Libraries are for reading. You don’t mix and match things. So if learning is supposed to be done at school, why are they sending learning stuff home? Home is for goofing off and stuff, not learning. I say we boycott homework.

Platinum: Please leave me out of this.

Gold: Okay, but when I post this on my blog and start a revolution you’re gonna regret not listening to me.

Erin attempts to stage an intervention.

Erin: Gold, sweetie, I know you’re very involved in the little people on your phone, or whatever it is you do, but maybe there are other things you could be interested in? Like the television. You could watch that workout show with your sister.

Erin: Or if you don’t want to give up using your phone, I heard of this Tinder app that lets you meet new people and then… something about gardening?

Gold: Mom I’m fourteen.

And then Erin had to chew out Platinum for something I guess.

Gold: Hold on I gotta make a blog post about this.

Erin: … wow. You’re using our family drama to entertain strangers on the internet?

Yeah, Gold. How low can you get.


I didn’t see any pop-ups and couldn’t find him waiting outside the house, either, so I figured that we’d invited him over too late and that he was coming the next day. :I

I felt bad about abandoning Platinum’s boyfriend moreso than we have already so I wasn’t that into Ernest’s birthday, but it happened and then Erin took some experimental drugs.

Oh, cool, did it make it so she’ll learn skills faster or something?

OH, you meant literally–

Erin: Yes. Yes I did.

… probably should have waited to delete those sprinklers. Whoops.


Ernest: Hold on, hold on. I had to go get changed because my original outfit was too hideous to be shown on the internet.

And after Erin was extinguished he went to go fix the broken sink, because this household would fall apart without him. I went soft and let Erin pursue her hopes and dreams so Ernest is the only one around to fix things and do the laundry.

Iridium: Hey, Platinum, I was gonna shower. What are you doing in here?

… not gonna comment.

Aziz flew over from Egypt for the second time in two days and immediately hit on his boyfriend’s mom. Which, rude, but it also means he’s a grown up now.

They can only do friendly hugs now.

Riley: Hey, I made friends with the paperboy. He’s only allowed to exist for an hour each morning, which we bonded over ’cause I’m not supposed to exist at all?

Riley: Also your boyfriend is too old for you now, you loser!

We were supposed to be getting ready for Iridium’s birthday but I guess it’s this glitch-girl’s birthday?

Aziz: I am… very concerned. Who is this girl? Why do you laugh at her? Why does an orb float a few inches over her head?



Platinum: … wow I’m having indecent thoughts right now.

Went inside to check up on the party preparation and came back to find that Aziz and Platinum broke up? Which is… probably for the better.

Aziz: I’m going to go get a drink. Which I can legally do as an adult.


Platinum: Actually… you’re kind of cute. Want to go out and possibly bring destroy the world?

Riley: More than anything.

Riley: Except you can’t choose any romantic interaction with me.

Platinum: Can I ask you to get me a snack?

Riley: Yeah but I’ll kick you in the balls if you do.


The birthday party began and it wasn’t on a full moon, for once. No zombies to be had.

… oh shoot. Maybe that’s what happened to the little blonde kid. Rest in peace blonde kid, devoured by zombies.

Fiona: I brought imaginary food for the party, but I think it got cold on the way here.

Tungsten: Maybe you can heat it up over the bonfire.

Fiona: 😮 Good idea!

I thought for a moment that Latonya also brought imaginary food, but she brought floor calzones. A little less sanitary but a lot more filling.

Hafnium: Hooray! That’s my niece!

Iridium: At least my extended family is here to watch me become an adult.

Sheree: Yay, Mr. Mendeleev!

… not who you’re supposed to be cheering for.

Fiona: I’m excited for my niece but also desperately need a chiropractor.

Iridium grew up but you don’t get to see her until the next chapter. To keep things fair or something like that.

… um. Game.

Game. Riley’s right there. But okay. Let’s see what happens when we put the toy down while the glitched IF is hanging around.

Absolutely nothing, apparently?

Let’s not think about this too deeply.

The first candidate for our Gen 3 Heir is Iridium Mendeleev, an adventurous, brave, excitable, and athletic werewolf. Her goal is to become a world-renowned adventurer and also loot a ton of graves. She’s dating Sheree Kolb, who is somehow her aunt’s daughter (not blood related, at least) and possibly a cryptid who killed the little blonde girl from ages ago.

Platinum Mendeleev is inappropriate, irresistible, perceptive, and friendly. He wants to be a heartbreaker and basically has to date a bunch of people to fulfill his generation goals. He was dating Aziz Moussa, and is now possibly looking into dating his glitchy imaginary friend. But his whole thing is dating a lot of people so he could end up with anyone. Maybe things will come full circle and he ends up with Aziz again. Who knows.

Gold Mendeleev is absent-minded, friendly, a computer whiz, and a couch potato. He wants to become a famous blogger, and has a blog called ‘The Gold Standard’ which has a whopping 28 followers. Thinks he’s revolutionary but he’s not. He’s not dating anyone yet and unfortunately he can’t use a dating app because Seasons makes my computer cry. He’s very pretty tho. (I actually haven’t done much with the blogging thing so as long as there’s space in the house I’ll probably keep him around even if he doesn’t win.)